Sunday, January 20, 2013


Recently  I  have had the pleasure of doing a number of walks in various national parks and have seen some birds that I  have either not seen before or have not seen for a number of years.

The most  striking was the Pacific Baza. A bird of prey  with a distinct "top notch". Its flight is soaring through the canopy, and underneath  its wings are quite translucent. I  spotted this at the Illawarra escarpments whilst at motocross training. ( not my  photo)

The other was a Black-faced Monarch. Part of the flycatcher group, this inquisitive little bird was quite bold when  we spotted him along the Burralow creek in the Blue Mountains National Park. ( not my  photo)

The third Bird of interest was a Pilot Bird. A duller coloured bird that  seems quite busy  scratching on in leaf debris or on lower trucks of rotting trees. Again seen in the blue Mountains National park near devils Hole.

The fourth bird is a Striped Honeyeater. This lovely  bird was seen near the Willandra creek and again was quite curious as to  what I  was up to. ( not my  photo).

The final bird is a Bassian Thrush. This shy  bird is often found on the ground, taking to  tree beaches and sitting quietly  if disturbed. They  have a very  "soft" distinctive eye and a lovely call. (Photo by Geoffrey Dabb)

Birding is always good. A good excuse for a walk, a good excuse to really  take the time to  have a look around you. It does not matter if you  are in a national park or on a race track..there is always something to  see.

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