Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I  have some sad news. Dear Nip is blind. Its happened all so  suddenly  and explains a very  rapid shift in his behaviour-from confident larikin, to a nervous dog, especially  at night.

We are going to  have more tests done, however as a young dog, and with  such a rapid shift, we fear he might not cope and have time to  feel his way a round his environment.

We will  do  all we can to  ensure his health is right and that he is happy.


  1. Sorry to hear about Nip, he seems such a character!

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Yes its pretty sad news really. He has some further tests and we shall see what happens from there.

  3. I'm so very sorry to hear this. What a terrible thing to happen to a young dog.
    How is your knee now, btw?

  4. Hi Elle,
    thanks. yes not a good thing for a working dog.

    Knee is fine. the ankle was the one that gives me grief! :o)

  5. not sure what happened to the comments!

  6. Very sad news - but I am sure you will look after him.

  7. Simon,

    What sad news.

    I look into your site every once in a while for news of interesting adventures and of course Nip features. He has a real look of my hound Kurt, with that boxy look about the head. Kurt is a Cumbrian farm dog, slighter with more sheep dog in him but also Huntaway and Kelpie; so they may share dingo lineage!

    See how it goes. He knows his environment. Smell will lead him as much as sight. I'm sure he would make allowances for you if you lost your sense of smell!

    Best, Jon Powell + Kurt

  8. Jon, Many thanks for your encouragement. Yes It appears he has been this way for some time and is now in the last stages of it. He has confidence on our property and on the walks we do. Less confidence in a strange environment. I have to talk him through going through doors as an example. I have learned that the blue merl coat they have indicates a genetic tendency for blindness.

    Hi Badger, yes we will he has a lot of fun and we have put a rattle in his football so he can find it