Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fires. the worst in 45 years.

The worst  fire situation in 45 years, a state of emergency  declared and over 300klms of fire front. The risk in the next 48 hours will be that the fires of Bilpin/Mt Lagoon, jump containment lines and join with  the fire of Mt York and then into the Grose River Gorge.

With this potential, the fires could impact the Sydney  basin including Richmond and Penrith.

Below is a photo by Phil Hearne that has gone viral across the world. The fire fighters have gone for days without sleep and as such  catch  40 winks when they can.

Members of my  family  are rostered on tomorrow for fire duty and David is on to assist with the truck refit as required.

Our gutters are clean, down pipes blocked and all fire fighting equipment in place and on active standby.

Our neighbours are packing and leaving, and we have packed those items that mean a lot to us



  1. Been really worried, hope you're all ok. Tell Dave to take care! He's so young to have such a huge responsibility.

  2. Simon,

    We are getting proper news reports on the fires and the state of emergency now in UK.

    It is good at least that the authorities are familiar with this and know how to fight it well.

    We're thinking of you.

    All best wishes,


  3. Simon
    Hope you're all ok!
    Best wishes

  4. This picture brought tears to my eyes.
    I am thinking of you and yours that you all stay safe.
    Much love,
    M. xxx

  5. Me too Merisi, have just been watching some video footage, hope and pray you're all safe