Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bushfires again!

This time last year we had fires close to the house. Yesterday,  as weather conditions deteriorated, a back burn got away. Here are some of the images courtesy  of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Roads were closed and houses lost as well as a couple of fire trucks. (see above)

Today the fires are under control but not without the concerted efforts of the Rural Fire brigades. This season is going to  be worse than  last  year I  think.


  1. And if the climate continues its weirdness - next year will be even worse/

  2. Hard for us to imagine! Hope no-one was injured

  3. Looks terrifying, how close to your house?

  4. Hi Simon... Checking in on you. Thankfully we had a rainy summer, after five years of blistering heat and drouth it was a very welcome relief. Thundering again now. No fires this year for us, but Colorado was another story.
    Sounds like you are still battling health issues. :-(

  5. I've tried twice already!
    Those fires look terrifying, hope no-one was injured. You ok?

  6. hi everyone! Sorry I have been really slack!

    Badger, I think you right to a point, however years of rain, followed by good growth, a lack of back burns over the decades have produced this. We had the same last year.

    Carolyn! Sorry! you must have thought that blogger had collapsed. Surprisingly no one was injured despite the speed that the fires took off on. The Rural fire service is well trained and there were 1200 fire fighters and a lot of trucks there too

    Lilah! you have had a good season? that makes for a very pleasant change. Yes a few health issues I am afraid :o)

  7. Wow! Hope all is okay over there. Hope all is well with you too. Keep in touch. Matt, NoVisibleLycra.

  8. Hi MAtt,

    Its going to be a very tough seasonright across NSW. We have had 3 years of good rain which has produced great growth, sadly an early hot spring and dry winter and made this all tinder dry.

    However, if you like riding, its perfect weather for recreation!

  9. Simon,

    I hope that all is under control now and that you are more chipper.

    I thought you would enjoy this snippet from the local rag -


    I recall that Badger wrote so vividly about the ringing experience ...

    A while back you promised an account of "The Sylph" at Maalie Court - it sounds like one worth telling.

    Best wishes,


  10. Hi Simon,
    Hope you're ok.

    Just had a look at the Marsh tit article, brought back happy memories of ringing at Roudsea. And Sylph, wonder where she lives now. Jon (Scroffles?) do you live in Cumbria?

  11. HI Jon and Carolyn. Sorry for the delay in reply. I shall post about the Sylph this week.. Quite a funny story. I think she now lives will Jims sister Jill.

    I do hope I can get to Roudsea, Askam and the Lakes district in 2014

  12. Hi Simon and Carolyn,

    I, (Jon) live at The Hill, a village that you can see from Askam across the Duddon Estuary.

    To post on blogger it seems to be easier to do so with a Google account. I don't have an account but fortunately our dog, Kurt, has been furnished with one by the kids and he goes by the handle "Scroffles".

    Although Kurt was born on a farm close to the village he was bred by a local farmer friend who wanted sheep dogs of a stronger type to run over the fells and bred some Kelpie into his dogs. I suppose that means that Kurt will have a bit of Dingo in his genes. Although he is essentially a big collie he has a smooth black coat like a Labrador but has that sort of quizzical look that Nip has in some of your photos.

    I don't tend to stop very often in Askam. I did earlier in the year to buy one of Mabel's pies and ate it high up on the pier one fine day. The straight terraces leading to the estuary frame the mountains behind our house very well. The view is definitely better from Askam than toward it! I suppose that was one of Jim's talents to see the value in the place and by enthusiasm and intellect make somewhere that the majority of the population would write off into somewhere special.

    We do make pilgrimages to The Black Dog which is under new management and just excellent as a beer drinker's pub. I take an electric bicycle and find it takes less than 10 minutes to get from Askam Station to the pub - and rather less to get back ... If you get across do give me a shout and we will do our best to show you a good time in our remote corner of West Cumbria.

    Love to hear about the Sylph and associated tales.

    On the news this week there was mention of new serious fires in Australia thought to have been sparked by something military. It can't be good but hope it is under control.

    With all best wishes,


    1. HI Jon,

      Ah! The famous Mable pies and the Black dog are certainly 2 of my favourites 100%. I recall many a fine ale at the pub, as well as walking from Maalie court to the pub and back again in the rain.

      The fires are very grim mate 200-300 houses lost, and the fire is acting like a pincher around the mtn we live on.

      More soon!

  13. Simon, I haven't been on blogger much lately, but had to tune in to see if you were still here. The fires sound horrific- and it sounds like the trouble is far from over. Thinking of you all. Margaret