Friday, July 4, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Well, I am typing this as a thunder storm rolls in and the temperature suddenly drops. I am still riding at night and on the weekend, but rather than bore you with that, my mind began to wander to the things I really like.

As some of my friends know- I love to drive cars. Always have done even as a child. It's not about how I look to others, nor the "pose value". But it's how they make me feel when I drive one or look at it. Now in this day and age with mass hysteria of global warming taking place, cars will become anti-social ("Good"! I can hear Maalie say).

This year I tried really hard to drive a hybrid- I really did. They are AWFUL!!
I tried really hard to drive a GTi Golf- I really did! Trying to cut my carbon footprint. But I frankly cannot cope. I do 1500km a week!..... This is what I drive now and I feel better for it......

However mine is silver and like the one in the video is a "z" the last of its type. They are basically an American all alloy V8 either in a 5.7litre or 6 litre format. In the UK they are known as the Vauxall Monaro, In Germany they are known as an Opel Monaro. In America- Pontiac GTO. Australia- Holden Monaro. Monaro means "wind" in Aboriginal. ( NO- to you runcible folk- wind as in the trees......)

They are quite nice to drive. Powerful, and good on the open road. The car was designed in Australia. Australian cars are built stronger than the cars in the US or Europe, as our roads are rougher. We also like the way European cars handle and, as such, our cars are a mixture of American "muscle" with European steering and braking. This means that, although the car is "big" (the size of a 500 Merc coupe) it handles well, even in wet conditions.

Anyway, here are a few other "favorites"

Porsche 993

This is the last of the air cooled version. A strong little car with a bucket of power. Not easy to drive as the engine is in the back and as such means you either must come into a corner with the power "ON" or "OFF". A change of mind in the middle of a corner will result in a spin. I sold this car to my doctor who still drives it today.

Porsche 996

A softer car than the 993 and easier to drive too. Does not feel as well built as the 993 which has that "VW beetle" strength to it. I think they built these for the American market.

Chrysler Crossfire

This is a funny sort of thing- Designed by an Englishman for an American company, and using Mercedes running gear. I did not know whether to love it or hate it. Then I bumped my head on the roof- so I hated it....

Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 fire truck

PERFECT for summers here in the peak of the bushfire season- this one, even though over 20years old had only done 10,000km!!! drove like a "dream"......

1978 Nissan Patrol 4x4 swb wagon.

As a kid all I wanted was one of these, and I got one,and I bogged it. What theis photo does not show was the water went over the bonnet and it was never the same after that....

VW Passat Rooted!

Sometimes, when young I drove too fast. This is my VW Passat- rooted. But my friends could not stop laughing.....

And of course you all know just how much I live my Landcruiser troopcarrier!!

You see, for me- its about how I feel, the movement of the vehicle, how each one is just so different, just so pleasing. I love Riley 2 1/4 saloons, Triumph TR6, Valiants and Citroen DC Pallas too. If I could have a shed full of all these cars I would!

Global warming? Yes a real issue. But I am happy to pay carbon taxes to enjoy these vehicles.



  1. gawd! I look at myself with the VW and I feel rooted! where did all the years go???

  2. Where did all the years go?
    Drats, mine too!
    Shall we go look for them?
    Any suggestions? ;-)

    I still love my Golf GTI (some "Sport" version, i.e. better seats, blabla, you'll know better than I do). Did you not like the handling or was it the size? I am tall, but it still fits me right. Drove 500km yesterday, all Autobahn (smooth as a polished woodtable) and, as the commercial in the USA says, sheer "Fahrvergn├╝gen".
    Doesn't driving a Porsche make you feel as if you'd touch the street at any moment. I always get that "grater" feeling ...

  3. I loved the handling, the performance and the size- but I broke and engine mount and it cost SO much to fix.

    Driving ANY of the cars I love is a bit like riding down the freeway on a shovel at speed- i LOVE it!!! :o)

  4. and!! AN engine mount... I still cannot type

  5. I like the look of the fire truck. Looks as if it might be suitable for pig hunting on the side :-)

    I wonder what they would have to say if you parked that outside the pub at Tipooburra! (Asking for a glass off the shelf, of course).

  6. runcible fellow! they would LOVE it mate!

  7. Being school holidays I could only watch the beginning of the film :( You are such a MOTORHEAD Simon! HAHA! Okay, I know you also ride bicycles... ;)

  8. i AM a motor head Anony! It does not matter what sort as long as I like it!!

    (just wait until I get the horses!)

  9. I liked the fire truck too. I've got a little Suzuki Swift, which isn't, but it doesn't take much petrol and chunders around ok for me.
    I don't see the point of fast cars. There is a speed limit and you get heavily fined if you break it. Last night on Top Gear one of the guests claimed he had 9 points on his provisional licence!

  10. Oooh! Top Gear! Jeremy and all those brave boys! Sigh!

    Simon, would you take me out for a ride in a Pontiac? Would you look after me?

    And you know (and Merisi too) it's being young in heart that counts.

  11. I have ALL my points... ahahahahah!

    yes NO worries!

  12. Lorenzo,
    driving a fast car doesn't necessarily mean you want to drive like a maniac. The speed of acceleration is a safety factor for me, when passing a car, for example.

  13. I had this post up last night, but got lost in a computer problem or website problem elsewhere. But those are beauties! I'm not much into cars, except to sit in them and drive them, but I do enjoy the classic and antique show they have here in August, walking distance from where we live. Beautiful older and old cars, and cruising on 28th Street and around. Wonder if gas prices will affect it this year.

    Yes, I was wreckless as a young driver, myself! Driving 95 mph up to t-roads was rather routine for me, at least too much so.

    Check out my blog for a new addition to our family, if you get a chance. On Monday's postings.

  14. um- I am not about obeying speed limits at all. Its about what I can do safely for others. eg 40kph in a school zone is NOT safe in a fog or wet icy conditions...
    BUT 200kph on a twisty mountain road might be if it is only my life a stake, and no one else is around.



  15. 200 km/hr? Sorry mate, I'm pulling out. Can I come in the camping Toyota instead? So long as you don't drown me.

  16. ps I love art deco cars Ted-

    Google "Phantom Corsair" for photos of one of the most incredible cars of the 1930's

    I work of art 100%

  17. Or maybe I should just follow behind on my horse?

  18. Oh Estelle! You are back again! It's been so long! Glad you like Clarkson and the boys too. Personally I think James May's hair is the mooossst sexy thing!
    He makes me feel quite runcible!

    Merisi: I know fast cars can be a help if you are overtaking, but if there is any doubt about getting past the car, then surely it is better to wait until the road is clear. A lot of men if fast cars think they are The Stig and act accordingly. If it were up to me, we would be back to Austin Rubies!

    Today's word is snoxi

  19. no- I think the faster the better- My cousin has just flown his Pitts Special single seater stunt plane from Perth to Sydney!!! Across the deserts etc!