Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Tip.

Troopie loaded ready for the tip

Having received some emails from friends asking me what I did on the weekend, I thought I would blog about the "dull bits." Saturday I worked ( yawn), and Sunday I went to the tip. Where I live is right next to a National Park, and our home has large turpentine trees, tree ferns and a large garden. Every 4 weeks I have to clean the gutters, trim, rake, and take a trailer load of clippings to the tip. The garden produces SO much clippings I have run out of space to mulch.

The garden

One of the things I enjoy about the garden and this time of year are the birds. We have a new pied Butcher bird in the area and watching them fight is amazing. Exactly like eagles! They lock talons and fall to the earth! The new one is a rusty colour and quite a personality.

Mr Kookaburra looks on with disgust as I clean the gutter!

Anyway, after working all day, I load the trailer and we are off to the tip. The trip is uneventful, but is is VERY important when you arrive at the tip that you can reverse a trailer properly. Of course we did so....

The tip face.

After unloading, its thumbs up and we are off back home.... where I spent 2 hours cleaning the BBQ. So, it's 10 hours all wonder I feel rooted.

Dave gives the thumbs up....

Anyway, the BBQ looked SO clean and new but it was TOO cold &I did not use it!


And thats all


  1. Hhehee, don't listen to King Jack! His head is waaaay too big and beak stuck up today. I'd be interested in seeing how Non-Aussies will repond. They'll find it quite an adventure!!! Of course the dump can be VERY dangerous with all those poisonous snakes and huge spiders!!! Not to mention the possibilty of finding a body or two...

  2. Not boring at all Simon. We have a green wheelie bin collection once a fortnight for clippings and garden waste, but I have far too many clippings to go in, so it means bonfires and trips to our local tip, where skips are segretated into household waste, garden waste, rubble, cardboard, etc. etc.

    I hope you haven't accidently taken Monty to the tip with a load of cuttings.

    And ... what is VB? Sounds like some horrible disease.

  3. Anon! Snakes! yes I was unlaoding clippings last summer and two BIG brown snakes were mating and rolled out of the clippings!!!!

    King Jack is on RUNCIBLE bird for sure!

    Lorenzo! VB is the beer we drink around here. Its a washy sort of LArger that you can freeze to keep your esky cold!

    Monty is snug in her roof top nest

  4. OH YES the Non-Aussies find it really exciting!
    To bring the garden clippings to the tip. Imagine you had met a death adder or simply a little black viper as WE did in oh so tame Austria some weeks ago!
    Oh anonymous, you are making fun of us! ;)
    Or is it King Jack?
    The garden is very beautiful now.
    I was worth while to do this dull work...
    But I still find Australia impressing! You really have the most beautiful wilderness around and all these lonely national parks. ;)
    And wild animals...

  5. OMg two brown snakes in your clippings!!! My biggest fear on my recent walk on hot days was that I would meet a viper when I had a path-side loo stop. If one was there one day I never saw it....
    Far too cold here to even think about the word bbq, let alone clean it!

  6. Maria- King Jack is amazing for real! :o)

    thank you for your comments. We do take it for granted here for sure!

    Kiwi! IT is SOOOO cold!!

  7. Mate, I hope you find a little time to do relaxing things at the weekend! At least David is giving you a hand - brilliant!

    Great shot of the Kookaburra mate! Sounds like you have two male butcher birds disputing the boundary of a territory.

    Tips can be good for birds too, depends how tidy they keep it, and how quickly they cover it up. They could attract all sorts of scavenging things like crows, kites, even a wedgie.

  8. The BBQ does look clean. Good job. I appreciate it.

  9. "Two BIG brown snakes were mating"!!! Now THAT would be an experience to be so close to!!! MWHAHHAHHAA! I'm glad they didn't curl you up into their mating dance!

  10. Beautiful garden! And I've never seen that bird before, that I can recall. Good to do those kinds of things with your son.

    And if that's winter, I'll take it. (I get tired of all the salt we endure around here, during our winters. Continual, it seemed, last winter!)

  11. LtL, an esky is a chilly-bin. A picnic hamper which keeps your beer cold ;-)

    Simon - It's good to be back! The boys at work all wear green VB baseball caps in the hanger, but only when they're feeling Very Bitter. Hehe.

  12. I believe it id as commercial name that has its origin in the word 'Eskimo' which is naturally associated with all things cold.

  13. Maalie:- yes the tip did have some birds too. Ibis and seagulls mainly.

    May:- you are welcome re the clean BBq!

    Anon- yes mating snakes rolled right out in front of me!!
    Ted:- Kookaburras yuo might not see in the USA unless yuo are in the Zoo but their distinct call ( which sounds like laughter) is used a lot in jungle films....

    Ju's and Mallie a right Lorenzo- Esky is a brand of Cool box in which you add ice ( or frozen beer cans) to keep food etc cold..

  14. PS Ju's VB is certainly not the best beer- but its cheap enough to freeze and use as cooler blocks in the esky, then when thawed you can drink them! :o)