Thursday, July 10, 2008

My favorite things. Part 2

Aerial View of Nullabor Plains

I have a cousin and he is a great bloke. He has a lot of boyish enthusiasim which is infectious!There is nothing better than getting on the phone and talking about cars, bikes, and planes! Over the years he has bought a Cessna Aerobat, a Glasair, a twin seater Pitts Special and just now a Pitts Special single seater. There was only one problem with the purchase of the latest, and that is it was located in Western Australia. Or to put it more into perspective, over 1/10 the way around the world.

Forrest Airport Nullabor Plains

Logic would argue that it would be best to get it back to the east coast was to have it put in a shipping container and transported by ship or train. But thats not what my cousin is like. Not at all. Instead of seeing a problem, he saw an oppertunity. Col and Ryan would fly it back over the entire continent, over deserts in the middle of winter all the way from Western Australia to NSW.

The team!

Now, a Pitts is an acrobatic plane. Super light weight, slow but powerful. It is not designed to fly long distances at all. Careful planning and fuel stops were required. Not only did they fly from WA to NSW but they flew there to pick it up! Col flew his Glasair, (which is like a little spitfire), across our country with Ryan and escorted his son back.

Here are some of the photos of the trip

Glasairs! they are very pretty

As you can see the country is harsh. Many of the air strips were not suitable to the Glasair as it is a finely built plane.

Glasair landing on one of the few suitable strips.

The Pitts is a very lightweight plane. Basically canvas over timber ribs with exposed cables and a 180hp engine. It is a reminder of days gone by, judging by the look on Ryans face- regardless of distance, its a thrill to fly.

The smile says it all!

I think life is about having a passion or boyish enthusiasim for whatever comes your way.
These guys have it in bucket loads! Perhaps if you travel in country NSW you will see my cousins in their magnificent flying machines!

Why do it? Just look at this photo!


  1. As I was starting to read this I thought 'why don't they fly it back!' And they did!!! Well done mates!

  2. yes- amazing because the Pitts is not suitable at all for this type of trip!

  3. *sigh* You are such a boy Simon! Can't believe this, but the Glasairs are actually "pretty"! However, my wings are less noisy ;) *flutter*

  4. yes thats true and more poetry! :o)