Friday, June 5, 2009

Subaru WRX STI

All my friends know I am a sucker for cars. They do not have to be fast for me to love 'em but they do have to have something "unique". In previous posts I have listed some of my favorites.
However, one of my absolute favorites is my 2006 Subaru WRX STi C spec which is enhanced with upgrades. This car is not only quick, but "bullet" proof, and good on fuel. I think its the last real STi and has as much ( if not too much ) power that i need to get me to and from work.

I have included a clip that you might find enjoyable... this is "off the chain" !!! Ken Block is an amazing driver. This is an Sti at its best


  1. Now was that really real?!? Reminds me of a U2 video. Completely controlled chaos!

    Well, that car is a beauty. I wonder if the day of muscle cars is coming to an end; I mean for normal driving.

  2. Hi Ted- yes its real, although there is an extended version which shows the damage when he makes mistakes.

    I also think you are right- the age of this is coming to an end for environmental reasons.

    The one I drive is a real beauty- fast, safe but....

  3. Simon,
    Thanks. Yes, I agree on how car making is going to change.

    I still wouldn't want to be that man, the guy was burning circles around!

    You should post on the one you drive, next.

  4. You should get one! they are a GREAT car!