Sunday, June 7, 2009

Neats Glen, Grand canyon, Evans Lookout.

Evans Lookout Views
This is a walk I had not done since 1977! With the weather being erratic, ( variations of temperature during the day 9-19 and back again ), and a suggestion of sleet, it was time to get out and explore.
This walk is fabulous, there is no other word to describe it. Whilst the Grand Canyon bares no resemblance to the one in America, it is a walk that takes you through waterfalls, beside the canyon that in many spots you cannot see the bottom, under cliff overhangs , through tunnels, and back to the top where the contrasting view is spectacular.

Across Creeks
Again, this is a walk which can lead you into the Blue Gum forest, if you care. An easy grade, yet good shoes and water are essential.
Getting there is easy. From Sydney take the Great Western Highway, pass Katoomba and passing the famous Hydro Majestic hotel. Here the highway crosses the railway. A few km on there is a road to the right, clearly sign posted. Follow this until you reach the car park.

Behind waterfalls.
I had forgotten most of the walk, however I did recall the track being wet for most of the way. Good boots and keeping an eye on finding a good grip is essential. The National Parks are doing a great job upgrading the track, as many of the ladders and walk ways were showing signs of wear and tear. Keep an eye out for the areas of work, as some of the rocks are loose.
How can I describe it all to you? A scene from Lord of the Rings is the only way. Tall fern trees, mossy rocks, cool and dark. I would think that much of the canyon would never see full sun light. In summer icy cold rock pools would be a treat.

Into dark tunnels
Here we encountered a Rock Warbler that was not frightened in the least. In fact when I stopped, I though it was going to jump on my shoe! I can only assume it had a nest nearby.
Finally reaching the bottom you can either continue down and walk to Blue Gum forest, or take the ascent to Evans Lookout. Being a day walk we chose the look out.
Miles of mossy walking tracks
Here, step after step is encountered and like the Valley of the Waters its important to maintain a pace that you can handle without "blowing up" i.e. becoming fatigued. When you reach the top, the contrast is truly spectacular. Lockleys Pylon, Mt Hay, Mount Banks and Perrys Lookdown can all be observed from another perspective.

Rock overhangs
Again, in pausing we encountered a Lyrebird. Happy to scratch like a chook, only a few feet away from us. The walk back to our car was only 800m, and after 2 1/2 hours Rosalie and I agreed this was truly one of the better walks.

Rare Blue Sky
If you are ever in Sydney and would like information on walks., just drop me an email.


  1. It IS one of the most beautiful walks I have done in 30 years....

  2. Simon,
    Glad you had such a beautiful walk. Interesting pics, as always.

    I'm sure Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio does not rival this Grand Canyon of yours, though I'm always impressed everytime we go there. And your description and pics here does remind me of it.

    I'll bet Australia has a lot of nice places to visit! And good that you can hike like that. Good for you, for your health!

    Kind of chilly around there today, I see. 10 degrees C (50 F) I just saw online for around there today. But not bad hiking weather.

  3. Perfect hiking weather- you cool down real quick yet you can regulate really well asa you get hot!

  4. Mate, before I even read your text, I saw the pictures and thought that looked a good place for a Rock Warbler!

    Another great post mate, makes me want to get back out to NSW for a warm VB and a bottle of "Very nice port" in Jambaroo!

  5. Mate- these past few walks are on the list for you to do. Darwin did them...

  6. Beautiful waterfall.

    But you're really aging yourself by saying you haven't been somewhere since '77 :)

  7. yes I know, but i started young!

  8. Mate, I love that waterfall, but not too keen on the black holes, mate.

  9. oh- the tunnels are not too long, but a torch would have been handy... :o)