Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls.

Another attractive area in the Blue Mountains is Wentworth Falls. As an extension of the Valleys of the Waters walk I did a month ago, and with the weather quite ordinary, I was determined to get out of the house and explore the varieties of tracks that this area has to offer.

Red Browed Firetail Finch

Commencing at the West Street, I took the Short Cut Track, which is a fire trail, to the Conservation Hut. The weather was foul yet I still spotted Red Browed Firetail Finch and White Throated Tree Creeper as well as Yellow Rumped Thornbill and Wattlebird.

From the Conservation Hut to the falls themselves is a short, brisk walk with spectacular views across the Jamison Valley. Wentworth Falls is in two sections with superb views from the top, the centre and the bottom.

Steep Stairs

The track then crosses the falls and a well defined, steep, rock staircase takes you to the middle section of the falls. These steps again remind me of a Tolkien adventure. Further along you can turn left and walk to the bottom of the falls- the advise from National Parks is only if you are experienced. Whilst I feel that its not too difficult, there are plenty of tourists who could find themselves stressed by being inappropriately equipped- I saw one guy in UGG boots...

Mt Solitary above the clouds.

Its a fantastic walk, as the track follows the cliff line, under waterfalls, over bridges and ladders. Following the track which hugs the cliff face until it reaches Vera falls as mentioned in a previous post. There are quiet dark forests, exposed rocks and cliffs all within easy reach.

More water falls.

There are many tracks and diversions, however follow the advise of the National Parks signs, Avoid the tracks that are marked "Exerienced Walkers Only", and you can get fresh air, great views, exercise regardless of the conditions! Walk distance about 8km.

Birds seen:- New Holland Honey eater, Eastern Spinebill,Red Browed Firetail Finch, White Throated Tree Creeper, Wattlebird, Yellow Tufted Honey Eater, Currawong, Grey Butcherbird, King Parrot, Bell Minor,


  1. despite the dreadful weather, much of the walk is protected by the cliffs and so I was no more wet than a solid walk on a hot day...

  2. Simon,
    Very nice. Never seen such finches.

    Yes, those stairs remind me of Tolkien as well. That was shot in New Zealand- I mean "Lord of the Rings." Have you been there?

    But Australia as we can see is quite nice, itself. Probably many similarities to New Zealand, would be my guess.

    Nice falls. Yes, that's a great kind of hike. Breathtaking at places, I'd imagine. Deb and I "hiked" around this suburbia in which we live for over two hours Sunday evening. Actually seeing some lovely landscaping at some homes, along the way.

  3. Hi Ted- Yes I have been to NZ... our mountains are a "joke" against theirs, in terms of height. If you look you will see that our mountains have flat tops- this is because of their age.

    The finch- if you click on the picture and zoom in you can see its marking- a very small seed eating bird.

    Perhaps you should try a walk in a national park near you?

  4. Quite breathtaking, isn't it? My goodness, you must be fit to climb this walk, it puts the Parish Walk to shame..!

  5. I used to be really fit, not so much now - well not as much as I would like. I cannot imnagine the walk your husband did- it miles!!

  6. Simon,
    Yes, I clicked that pic when I first came on this post, which I normally do with all pics. Quite fascinating.

    I definitely like to take walks in places like that. I do hope Deb and I get to some of the great national parks in our country. We have been a couple of times to "the Great Smoky Mountains"- where we honeymooned, and ten years after that. And I've been to a few other notable, interesting places, myself.

  7. Hey mate, some spectacular pictures there!

  8. geez mate! thanks for dropping in- I did not think they had internet where you are at the moment!

  9. Yes mate, they have installed free WiFi in the Yell Leisure Centre!

  10. I love the waterfalls and the mountain views. But that stone staircase looks pretty freaky to me.... especially if it was wet!!!
    Yell has wifi maalie.... it looked like a tiny place in your photos!!

  11. I felt the same Kiwi on the stairs, they felt a lot steeper than the photo suggests, almost like a ladder.

  12. Mate, what is a 'white slip'? And a 'rego'?

  13. white slip- is when a car fails its yearly inspection- eg for a bald tyre. Rego is short for registration!

  14. such incredible Beauty. I long to see the nature of another country!
    I enjoyed your singing. I am a singer too though the past 5 yrs my creative energies have gone in other directions
    I Thank You for your Kind comments

  15. majamom thanks for visiting! its difficult to keep just on one focus. :o)

  16. All your photos are so lovely, and I love the list of birds. The stone stairs are unique. The solitary mountain and the falls are wonderful. cheers.