Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River

One of life's simple pleasures is to go fishing. Dave has developed a love of it and with a tackle box full of new and exciting lures, some instructions on fishing for Flathead and a map, we decided to head off down the Hawkesburys lower reaches.
Lets go fishing

Leaving home at 5.30am to catch the low tide and dawn the river looked stunning, with tall escarpments, native vegetation and that salt smell on the dawn breeze.

We chose to try Dinner Creek first- I mean with such a name who could resist? Wild life abounded. We saw birds such as Superb Wren, White necked Heron, Little Egret not to mention Mullet throwing themselves above the water. Evidence of fish were everywhere- except my sons fishing rod.

Dinner Creek.

After an hour we tried the river itself. To our surprise we stumbled on what appears to be a wild pig! Nothing comes as a surprise to me. I nearly ran over a deer coming to work the other day, and despite National Parks efforts, ferals seems to be getting worse not better. After a few hours of fishing and with the weather turning for the worst, it was time to pack up and head home. Dave was disappointed but still had a great morning. Next time we will take some bait and use a different approach!


  1. and then I got crook and slept fo 18 hours.... I think I got bitten by something

  2. Oh Dear
    Hope you are ok... I am on my 4th flu this year!! yes.. again!! making me nuts!!

    The fishing looks very peaceful. Somehow though I think you are little more Zen than me!! haha

    Thanks always for your lovely comments and Have a great week!! Julie

  3. the flu is awful this year- Zen? hahaha Maalie will tell you that is FAR from me! :o)

  4. So you never caught your dinner? Sounds like you had a good time all the same.

  5. Interesting. And nice you and your son spend that time together.

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