Monday, October 19, 2009


North light comes uninvited,
Through the window to where you lie.
Disjointed, dust and silence,
Quite at a loss.

I feel strange, I feel changed.
I feel strange,
Overcome, Overcome by you.
I fell in too deep,
But I learned to swim.
In an undertow,
I sense I'm giving in.
I feel strange,I feel changed.
I feel strange,
Overcome, Overcome by you.

I'm a little bit wiser,
I'm a little bit sadder,
I'm a little bit less, (you might have guessed)
But if you could be staying,
Tell me now, I think I'm fading.
I swear I'll never trade your life for a lie.

Overcome by you.


  1. beautiful. straight from the heart. made me feel quite melancholy love ax

  2. Crikey mate, I think you need a couple of pints of real ale in the Black Dog...

  3. Simon
    Your friend Maalie is hilarious
    I think you are getting sentimental
    in your old age!

  4. yes he is for real! and you a re right! haha!

  5. Simon,
    Thought provoking and even hauntig lyrics. I like it. Now where is the music?

  6. I think we have all felt that way some time. Maybe all of us except Maalie!

  7. Oh Simon. Beautiful. Shame on Maalie, nothing wrong with having a soul!