Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pierces Pass

Blue Gum
Last week I took another route into the Blue Gum Forest. You might recall earlier posts about Perrys Lookdown, Victoria Falls, Evans Head, Lockleys Pylon, well these all lead into the Forest.
To enjoy this walk you need to travel the Bells Line of road, passing Mt Tomah, as well as Mount Banks. About a kilometre on in a National Parks sign indicating Pierces Pass. Turn onto the dirt road and travel about a 1.5kilometres to the car park. There are BBQ amenities as well as an Ablutions block. Bring your own water.

Walking Track
The walk is graded hard 3 hours one way and it travels through a mixture of country. The track is well defined and follows a gully which in turn leads beside a creek. The dramatic change from scrub to rainforest always catches me by surprise. The track then heads out to a more exposed cliff line. Its here that the world heritage cliff lines and escarpments take dramatic effect. The sound of Bell minors filling the air.

Termite Nest
The weather was not the best, wet yet steamy. It was not too long before I found it was easier to walk in the rain without the waterproofs on. Sadly in some of the more open areas there are dramatic weed infestations similar to those found on Mount Banks. I think a comprehensive spraying is in order.

The Creek
Continuing the decent the track follow a ridge, across a saddle before making a steep and final drop into the creek a small flat camping area is found and looks appealing. The track crosses the creek and on the other bank is the walking track to either Victoria Falls or Blue Gum. Turn right for Victoria falls or left to Blue Gum. It is not too long before you arrive in the majestic Blue Gum forest. By now it was time for lunch and to sit by the creek was very pleasurable. After sometime returning back the way I came.

The Beautiful Warratah
The climb out is steep but rewarding again with superb views. The only incident was nearly stepping on a snake which was sunning itself between the showers. I had no idea I could jump so high! I returned to the car park in just over 3 hours. I have to confess I am not as fit as I would like and this walk certainly took a bit of an effort! All in all a walk I highly recommend.


  1. SAw a lot of birds rufus fantail....

  2. You have such amazing hiking pics :( I'm so jealous.

    ryn: thankees ^_^ though I believe they both suck

  3. I was just thinking that the camping space might look nice, but I wouldn't go there as there might be snakes... then you came across a real live one!!! Yikes. I jumped reading about it: you know us Kiwis and our fear of snakes!!! But you know so many trails with great views- all very inspiring!

  4. Hey Simon
    If I won't park my car where the 'work' snake was... I don't think you'd see me here.. haha
    such a wooss [how do you spell wooss?]

    By the way .. no WW2 jeep part but I am doing a giveaway of a woman's tote bag.. is pink your colour? hehe

  5. Shadow- thanks! and you are right.

    Kiwi- its rare to get bitten, and if you want you can wear gaitors with your boots.

    Julie- I am not sure pink is my colour! ahahah!!

  6. Crumbs Simon, you are far fitter than most folk I know. Do you hike these trails alone? I sure hope you at least take a phone with you? (Oh God, I am sounding like my mother now..)

    Snakes, sheer drops, and slippery overgrowth - hell, what's not to enjoy (grin)?

  7. Excellent post mate. That creek looks good for platypus but I guess they are no longer there. Looks ok for Rock warbler too.

  8. Shrinky- Yes I walk them alone or with my son. Its not a problem :o)

    Maalie- ta mate. Further upstream there are Yabbies. There is Platypus in the nest post I am about to do!!

  9. The Weirdo has a good termites nest on one of his posts too. :-)

    Check out The Gasbag Cometh.

  10. Simon,
    Great hike. Nothing better than a nice hike like that, I think. So much out there to see. One of the regrets of my life, that I haven't done more of that, and haven't seen more.

  11. The Warratah reminds me of Tassie - gorgeous