Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mountain bike riding along spring time trails

Grass trees line the track.

Well, It's now spring and rather than bore you with the details of the mid week ride I thought I would share some of the wild flowers that are scattered along the track.

Some interesting colours

The bush is now filled with the scent of wattle, gum leaf and honey. Its truly remarkable and makes a ride very pleasant. Also enjoyable is the subtle temperature differences and the trail rises and falls through creek beds, small rain forests to more open areas along the tops of ridges.


The ride itself gets tricky as the sun sets. Lots of sand and small rocks make the trail interesting. Washed out rock ledges require good balance as an example. I did in fact crash on one faster down hill but no damage done.

A few weeks ago I had the bike serviced and a bindng front brake repaired/replaced. What a difference this has made! Better, smoother braking and no friction!! Seems I had been riding with a brake partially on......

The mighty Banksia

At the end- a superb view of the Blue Mountains, which look like the waves of an ocean as the sun sets.

View looking west.


  1. Such beautiful pics! I love the last view. It's wonderful to be able to just explore nature like that.

  2. thanks Mary-Laure! you are right!

  3. Glad you had no injury with that fall. People keep assuming I must have come off my bike to injure myself!!! Beautiful flowers you have in Oz!

  4. its interesting to me how not even one plant looks familiar. they are all quite beautiful.
    interesting winter too..... no snow
    i have yet to experience that one!
    ~laura x

  5. Great post mate! Here we are getting autumn fruits and berries!

    And I assure you, any details would most certainly not be boring!

  6. thanks Kiwi! I am mindful of it as I seem to break bones easier now!

    Jim:- thanks. I cna imagine just how beautiful the Lakes district looks now

    Laura:- The Aboriginals really only regognise 2 seasons here- wet and dry. ( in fact some recognise more than 4 seasons- wet dry windy and fire I think )

    The plants look "hard" but on closer look are quite beautiful

    The Banksia can only regenerate if burnt!

  7. Hello Simon
    I was reading Julie(Ruby)'s Blog and I had to come and see your blog.
    3 chances..

    Lovely comment.

    Julie xx

  8. i like that they are named wet dry windy and fire.
    the joke in canada is that we only have winter and construction... or something along those lines

  9. hahahaha! very good! Yes the season names are quite wonderful, as is the aboriginal culture overall

  10. Oh dear, Simon. Just tried to post comment twice & it did a '503 error' on me. I shall try to recreate my brilliance (ahem) later. I'm sorry I've been so late to get over here.

    Let's see if this will be accepted.


  11. Giulia- it worked! I have comment moderation on, so that might be it! :o)