Thursday, February 10, 2011

A blog I like...

As a working cattle dog I love the outback and the people. This is a link to a blog where the art and the people are superb!

Just click on this posts title and it will take you there!

Have a look! WOOF! ( I told you I am a great blogger)


  1. That is a good link Nip.

    So you are a cattle dog? Does that mean you go out at night (when everybody is asleep) and round up cows and chase them into the back of a cattle truck? Do you prefer to ride in a Ute or a trayback?

  2. thank you seattleboy..

    yes I do get out at night and do that!

    I prefer traybacks as the sides are lower

  3. Yes I have. I got back yesteerday. A bit sore but not too bad. I am in the bad books.... I got into the garage and ate the bike seats, the bike tyres, some buckets and a tent. I dont think Simon was too happy

  4. You had better behave yourself Nip, or next time you are taken to the vets, they might not bring you back...

  5. Help,
    I have landed in Dog-Eats-Bucket territory!
    I better run ..... ;-)

  6. WOOF to you, Nipster. Keep up the cheeky behavior. (Don't tell Simon I said so...)


    Susan & little Julie the Cat

    (It is a good link, too.)