Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello. My name is Nip. I am an Australian Blue Heeler cattle dog. We were bred in about 1840 by crossing Scottish blues with dingos to create a breed that can withstand the harsh Australian conditions. We are bred to nip at the back of the legs of stubborn cattle to keep them moving when droving and we have great stamina.

I am 11 months old and last Tuesday I was saved from the dog pound who were going to put me down the following day.

As you can see I am smiling, (click on my picture), because I am grateful. I do like to muck about and bark at things I don't understand but most of all I like to please.

I am a great blogger and I will be filling in for a few posts whilst my owner gets his shoulder back on track.



  1. Woof Woof Nip.. you're a cutie and sort of remind me of my childhood dog which was a bitsa... [sp?]

    You take good care of Simon!!! sorry to hear he is not well... I'm sure when he is feeling better he'll take you on all kinds of adventures...

    Ciao ciao .. woof... xxx Julie

  2. So I always think of the police when I think of Blue Heelers and Oz! Now I know where the phrase came from- not just TV land.

  3. Oh, Nip, you are so cute. I wonder if you like leetle orange & white cats w/pink noses? My maman & I will be so happy to read what you have to say. If I can tear her away from talking to her Egyptian pals. I am so sick of staying up all night. But I am getting good at Twitter.

    ciao Nip!

  4. Oh Lord, do you ip at the legs of visiting Poms who have won the Ashes by a substantial margin?

  5. Julie- yes I am cute in a kinda blokey way, and I have had others tell me they remind them of someone too!

    Kiwi- there are Blue heelers and red one too!

    Giulia- cats- Um.. I am learning not to chase them. I dont mean too but they look so much fun!

    I hope all goes well with your friends over there.

    Jim- I think you will be ok. I must confess I got into trouble when I stole a can of Cold beer


  6. Hey Nip
    thanks for popping over.. I recognised you by your WOOF... ciao ciao

  7. Nip, if you can bite Julia Gillard, I will personally bring you a big meaty bone.

  8. Oh Nip,
    you are one fine and lucky dog,
    being saved by Simon, that means heaven!

    sorry to hear about your shoulder,
    I hope it has healed by now!