Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Project

Bonnet has been buffed to a nice shine

Some of you might remember previous posts about my WW2 Jeep. I sold it last year as the project was just too big and frankly driving the Jeep was just too difficult, (read dangerous), in this modern world.
Well, a new project has arrived! Its a 1988 Range Rover. I am the third owner and can trace the vehicle back to the original owner in Monbulk Victoria. Its a base model, last of the "easy to work on" ones with a 3.5 litre V8 and manual transmission. All the gauges work, the carpet, trim , fit and finish is excellent.

Trim, carpets, dashboard etc are "as new"

There are some marks, (dents on the passenger doors), and the paint condition was just awful. I am not a fan of the colour but its about the condition of the vehicle overall so I can live with it. I even have its service history.

Drivers seat is in good order, as too is the steering wheel and dash.

This will be a project of sourcing some parts (eg the old fashioned fog lights and Range Rover mudflaps, floor maps etc as well as bringing the duco back to a mirror finish..
I am sure this will amuse me for a few months..I might even go down to the Polo fields with a picnic blanket, some chicken and champagne...

No wear to cargo area and all original tools are in their place.

These are quite amazing off road and in their day were superb on road as well with a plush ride. They can be let down by electrical faults and oil leaks, of which this has none.Models after this were a disaster.. Whats even better is.... it cost $2000.00!

Also- thank you to all of you for your support. I have had a difficult few weeks battling all sort of physical troubles but are beginning to feel a little better.
Thank you also for your nice comments to Nip. He is a top dog and very friendly.


  1. I bet Nip is a bit upset not to be photographed inside the new vehicle. After all, he was the star of this show for a while, and he must be concerned he is being sidelined!
    Hope your health keeps improving Simon.

  2. It looks great...I don't even have a license so I'm no expert. Julie wants to know if Nip likes it & will he be going to picnics? WOOF. Um, I mean, ciao-meow.


  3. Looks nice Simon. Does it have slots to put your beer cans in to stop them getting too cold?

  4. Kiwi- I am sure he will be there soon! thansk for your thoughts too! :o)

    Guilia-It is great ( I hope) NIp will love to chew the headrests! Lol Woof to you too!

    Maalie- was designed by the does not even have a glove box! (true)!!!

  5. I can't believe the car looks so good on the inside!
    Fantastic find.

    I'd say, keep Nip out of it. ;-)

  6. sweet ride !! one thing tho... it appears the steering wheel is on the wrong side :)
    i will sit on the side with the beer holders

  7. Merisi- yes its quite amazing. I drove it home and it drives NEW! Nip would eat the trim thats for sure!!

    Laura- It does not have beer can holders or even a glovebox! What were the poms thinking??

  8. NOT thinking is more the issue here!

  9. Hi Simon
    Looks like you have been as absent as me.. Hope you are feeling somewhat better... although.. autumn is upon us now.. so your outdoor activities may slow a bit.. darn it!

    Have a great day... we are back to warmer weather tomorrow... so they say... ciao xxxx Julie