Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Paris I enjoyed...

Smoked Salmon and prawns

An 'Alice in Wonderland" window display

A very blue Brasserie in a wonderful street.

A very retro Moulinex juicer.

Most of all a beautiful artistic space for me to rest...


  1. The Moulinex is brand new ! And it is not retro it reminds me of my childhood ! And I'm only 22 and 3 months !!

    Signed : Jervis
    (yes I know you know that !)

  2. yes it is and its beautiful Anony. (oops Jervis! lol!)

  3. ooOOH, I think I like the last one the best!
    And the moulinex, definitely!

  4. Better seafood than you can get in Australia, mate?

  5. Shadow- its the best for real.

    Sez- the moulinex was very snazzy

    Maalie- about the same quality mate

  6. and now something completely different : what happened next ?
    The Moulinex says hello.

    And so does Mr Garçon
    Cool hand fish disappears for the night on the Pont des Arts on ... his bike !!


  7. A receipe Anon! Has cool hand fish bought a triumph??

  8. not yet
    as you know he's having this closet ploy with the driving school ;o)
    So he only ride a horse with no name and no engine (good for his grasshopper's legs !!)
    but i have to say, in my memories Triumph like BMW (my apologize to the tank commander who owns one... and straddle again !! but because he has to this time !) reminded me of a trestle... But i saw a new Bonneville parked in the street and the shape is actually cool.
    I offered him my belt with the triumph logo on it but obviously, he rather liked the motorcycle itself !
    Funny i was wearing that belt when i was pregnant with him ah ah !!

    the dishwasher says hello too !


  9. Hi, Simon. Nice to see you and Maalie together in your country. Nice pics here. Paris unique in its way. My ancestry is French, my wife thinks primarily so. Surely an interesting place.

  10. Anon- Triumph ate very retro and their styles are quite nice and user friendly. I also like Moto Guzzi- they have a cafe racer which is nice. SAy 'gday to the dishwasher! :o)

    Ted- thanks for visiting mate! Hope all is well

  11. "ate very retro" !!!! ARE very retro! sorry anony!