Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paris Part 2. Food!

In the Paris streets there were:-


Fresh Cheeses...

Bottles of fine wine..

More bottles of fine wine!

Fresh seafood!

And the best part? Returning to the apartment and all its beauty (more soon!)


  1. Hi Simon!!

    Well.. I bet you had a blast in Paris!! lucky you.. I'm really needing to escape and think I just might..

    but.. how will i do Paris [and Italy mind you] with no carbs and no sugar!! arrggh.. may just have to let the insulin go beserk.. hahaha

    Love you Paris rooftops in last post... and.. ps.. not a guy thing.. the girls were just as bad as you~~

    Have a great week.. back in aussie land.. ciao xxxx Julie

  2. I can see Jarvis the butler choosing some cheese undercover

  3. Oooooooooooooh, you lucky thing, you! Those shops (sigh), I'd forgotten how much the French truly do love to celebrate their food and wine.. It's a decade or two since I was last in Paris - now you have me longing to go back there.

  4. Julie- just do it. You will find the sugar thing ok once tyou get that quality airoplane food into you! lol re your post!

    Anony- oh yes I see Jervis too!

    Shrinky- you should go back for sure!

  5. Hi Simon,
    Sorry I've been away for so very long. No excuse :-(

    But I'm back now, although my comments might not come as often as they used to.

    Glad you're having so much fun in Paris :-D

    Love, JLS (now Sez) xx

  6. Did you actually sample any of that tucker, mate?