Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paris 2011

So, this is what I did:-

Flew for 24 hours and arrived at Montparnasse...

To a beautiful view of Paris roof tops...

I caught the metro...

And bought food at the local supermarket...

And had a beef crepe with blue vein cheese and a jug of apple cider served in bowls...(part 2 soon)


  1. Great to see this, Simon. (& things are looking quite spiffy all 'round the blog, too.)

    Cheers & looking forward to more about your visit.

  2. Did you visit Citroen's grave this time?

  3. Instead of just lurking, also saying hi! I don't dare say anything more for fear of sounding like a jealous twit. :)))

  4. Zimon
    you did not let me know you wanted to have an apointment with Zitroën :o)
    we could have bring him some cheese !!


  5. Hope you're having a lovely time. In my youth I was an Au Pair in Paris. I was terrible! Looking forward to the next post x

  6. Susan- hey thanks! will tell you more!

    Maalie- No mate I would not cope with the loss of someone so great as to design the Traction and Goddess....

    Lilah! hello hows things with the art?

    Anon- can you imagine sitting having cheese in the Cemetery? ( hang on...not a bad idea with a bottle of wine! lol!!)

    Abby- you sure do get around- how is Shetland today?

    More coming soon