Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mad world

Down it comes!

I think Gulia Gillards carbon tax is working. Even before its got up in parliament, the weather seems to be in fear and retreat. ha ha.....

Ten days ago the bush had become power dry and a bush fire erupted in Leura, which is not too far from here. I got my house prepared for the fire season, (see previous posts), taking a day off to clean gutters and get the fire pump serviced. Then, within days, the temperature plummeted, and last week it rained and stormed. (See last weeks post on the Pelagic trip).

The snowman!

A few days ago we had a wind storm so violent it picked up our 13 foot trampoline and hurled it across the yard damaging the clothesline. It was lifted high enough to fly over some small shrubs and trees. Today we pulled the thing part and loaded it ready for the tip.

Then last night, the temperature dropped suddenly, the evening went white, then it hailed. Enough for Dave to make a snow man and for Nip to run around like a lunatic eating snow and ice. Both boys enjoying the weird weather! Nip ate the snowman. (Parts of it had turned yellow....Nip. woof!)

I like this set up and the retro van.

Again I went out to do the firetrail bird survey and again it was cold, windy and wet. The only bird was an Eastern Yellow Robin. All others were silent as they hunkered down in the wind and rain.

As I walked with Dave, I got to thinking about my mobility and the operation in about 12 weeks. I was really looking forward to getting the Fj Cruiser and setting it up like the one above but it looks as if production has been delayed, which is frustrating. So I got to thinking about other forms of transport. I decided not to buy a quad bike, as I thought, a few months back. The statistics of accident are startlingly high. Fatalities are also way above average. The college of surgeons here want the government to legislate to reduce the top speed and to provide roll over protection. I don't think it would suit me for that reason.

So, I decided to buy this. A Honda CRF250x. Similar to the Motocrosser but with electric start, and a wider ratio gearbox, it will be easier and more forgiving to ride. I am not sure how my hip will go but I am going to give it a try..Having ridden bikes all my life I will enjoy even one ride! It will motivate me to get well too and get out and enjoy the bush. Being registered should not cause drama when I ride along the roads in the National Parks. It arrives in a week. The best part is I got a $3000.00 discount for the last 2011 model and that makes it super cheap.

I am going to see if I can get a small rack to put my birding, camping equipment incl a small stove for a hot cup of coffee on the trail!

Birds seen today. Red Wattlebird, Eastern Yellow Robin.


  1. I re -read this post. I must be crazy to think a motocross bike will be used because I am "slowng down".


  2. the title 'mad world' is very well choosen ;-)

  3. Yes, it is mad. It's cold & raining here which is not usual. It sounds wilder where you are tho.

    Now to the "safer" bike. I love the red. But it all sounds/looks dangerous to me. Slowing down, indeed.

    PS: love the snow/ice man.

  4. Um, you could be right Susan! BUt we will give it a go for a few rides and go from there. If its too much I can sell it and get money back.

  5. That looks like a might fine bike indeed. I would certainly kill myself on that.