Thursday, October 20, 2011

First long ride

I previously posted about my family history, and realised that one of the newspapers is doing the same and using some of the photos I had posted. This history will be published in "The Land" newspaper next month , so I thought it best to withdraw the post from my blog until after the article is published.

So, here is my first ride:-

Getting ready.

On Sunday, with the weather typically warm, sunny and with blue skies I chose to ride the bike to Mountain Lagoon. Its a particularly favorite spot of mine and it is a ride that, not to long ago, I did on my mountain bike.

The ride takes me through, and across Wheeny Creek before winding its way up into the mountains along a dirt road/firetrail.

I must confess that I had more confidence on the tar road as I have not done much dirt riding for many, many years.

Daves bike and my bike.

The bike performed really well for a 250, with a lot more power than the ones I rode as a kid. It was not too long before I was at the lagoon, with purple swamp hens enjoying the waters edge.

On the way back I spotted a dingo which was quite exciting and rare. The ride requires a degree of caution as the road is narrow with blind spots and hairpin bends, the risk of being hit by a 4wd is there.

The Lagoon

Later, I rode the firetrails which are quite rough and had to cross a fallen log. I had forgotten how to do that and got stuck halfway across before recalling what I had to do. Second time around was sucessful both ways.Then I rode through a creek and nealry swampped myself with mud....

After I returned I was really quite sore but satisfied with the way it went. The bike will now need its first service after 120km of travel.


  1. I'm glad it went so well, Simon.

    I am rather jealous that I do not have purple swamp hens in my neighborhood. You see the best birds with the best names - ever.

    And a dingo, too.

    I cannot compete, I won't even try;)

    Verification word: nests

  2. Wow!

    Purple Swamp Hen really is a great name! :-)

    Have you ever looked at Yanidel's Paris blog?
    He is now traveling the world, right now in Australia:
    You live in a beautiful country!

  3. Hi Anna, will get over and have a look!

  4. Well done cobber. Glad it went well!