Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another ride. Eastern fire trail

With the weather improving, and storms predicted for later in the afternoon, it was time to get out again and do some riding. Again the ankle is not "right", but I need to persevere and chose to ride the fire trails that surround my home.

The Cannondale Prophet

The air was warm and full of the smell of bush honey. The track was firm, but some sections were rough as the rain had washed a lot of the exposed areas out. I was enjoying the Cannondale, even more so as I discover that they are no longer made in the good ol' USA. The current ones are now made in Asia are made of Carbon fibre and have 29 inch wheels. I don't need a new bike as I am at a point where I cannot get the most out of this one and it suits me just fine in its Citrus colours.

Some of the trails in rain forest

The tracks are overgrown as the bush enjoys the wettest summer I can recall. After an hour or so, I returned. I have to confess I have muscles I never knew I had, and the ankle improves with each revolution. Its still tender if i hit rocks as the joints act as shock absorbers. The next 24 hours will decide if i need to go back in and have the 2nd stage of the surgery.

All in all a satisfying ride in the beautiful Blue Mountains


  1. Sounds like the ankle is holding up? Good luck with that.

  2. not really mate ( dont want to sound negative) left a message with the doctor to see what else can be done.. I might be being a bit hard on it

  3. Hi, Simon.

    Matt here from NoVisibleLycra. Thanks for your comment on my blog and glad to hear your ankle's doing alright. Oddly, my foot is playing up: it's swollen, the left one, and I can't walk. I limp. I thought it might be gout but a doctor told me I'd be in loads of pain, which I'm not, it's just when I touch the swollen area or try to walk that I get pain. I've been told to take anti-inflammity pills, like Nurofen, which I'll do in the morning as I've just had a lovely pint of Aussie beer: Cooper's Vintage Ale (7.6% ABV). Bloody lovely, mate!

  4. Cooper vintage ale is one of the best mate;.. drop me an email, your symptoms sound like mine!