Saturday, February 4, 2012

The lagoons

Golden-headed Cisticola (Photo courtesy of Alan Fear)

With a break in the weather for the first time in months, I thought would take to opportunity to see what effect all this water has had on the bird life along the Hawkesbury lowlands. This has been the one of the wettest summers I can remember, in fact not like summer at all, and its been brilliant in flushing out the creeks, streams lakes and rivers.

Red-backed Kingfisher

It was not long before I discovered the lagoons full and overflowing into the lower sections of the polo fields and farms. This provides and excellent oppportunity for the bird life as the water brings a lot of insect life up and out of the ground.

Black-fronted Dotterel

There was even fish swimming in the pools that are not normally there. Having spent a good three hours, I had a reasonable bird list and spotted a couple of favorites too. I did get out of the car and use the crutches but they are not too good on water logged ground!

The view back towards the mountains where I live.

The other benefit of all the rain is the growth of grasses providing good habitat for the Little Grass bird as an example. It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon in the sun. and the list could have been longer if Iwas more mobile.

Birds spotted:- Black swan, noisy miner, little black cormorant, , masked lapwing, chestnut teal, white ibis, red-rumped parrot, welcome swallow, nankeen kestrel, grey butcherbird, red-browed finch, crested pigeon, intermediate egret, golden-headed cisticola, black-winged stilt, white faced heron, yellow-rumped thornbill, black-fronted dotterel, little grassbird, superb fairy wren, australian raven, australian magpie, pee wee, dusky moorhen, eurasian coot, house sparrow, white-plumed honeyeater, little pied cormorant, australian darter, restless flycatcher, australian wood duck, bul bul, red-backed kingfisher, red wattlebird, purple swamp hen, pacific black duck, common bronzewing, bell miner, satin bowerbird, willy wagtail, mallard. Total:-41


  1. impressive list simon ! nice pics too


    (a video for Nip)

  3. lol! Roger that! :o) Nip has worked out how to move his Kennel SO he can jump up on it and look into the windows of the house. I tried to upload a video but it would not do it..funniest thing I have ever seen!

  4. Love these bird posts, Simon. xo

  5. thanks. sadly these are not my photos Badger

    Thanks Susan :o)