Saturday, February 11, 2012

First ride!

Australian Hobby (photo source- Wikipedia)

With instructions from my specialist to try the ankle out, I chose to do a 25k ride around the Lagoons. Its a quiet ride which I have posted about before. There is more water across the paddocks than last week but the sun was shining and the day was gold.

Frankly I did not know what to expect. The ankle has been "ok", not great, as the movement is reduced and I walk with a limp, but the pain is very much reduced. So away we went.

The lagoon ride is nice ( refer to last weeks birding) and it gives me a smile when I see the same birds in the same spot, as I saw last week. The added advantage on the bike are the fragrances. On the bike you move quickly and so the smells in the air really do waft. There is the smell of turf farms, the smell of horse stables, the smell of fresh cut grass, of orange trees and a wonderful smell of Asian market gardens. It all makes me want to add them to a wok!

Nankeen Kestrel with mouse (photo source-

Perhaps the nicest thing was seeing a Nankeen Kestrel displaying territorial behavior against an Australian Hobby, as well as seeing a paddock full of White- necked herons. I have a confession to make- I have a Nankeen Kestrel in my freezer. It was hit by a truck and died but looks undamaged. As I am a member of SOSSA I can get the bird stuffed. ( as its stuffed already lol..thats a joke...)

White-necked Heron (photo

After 25km I was tired but quite satisfied. The ankle moves differently than before, but it was a real pleasure to be on the bike on a rare and sunny day. I have to say I prefer these conditions that the conditions the boys at "No Hidden Lycra" blog have to ride in!

Lets hope the ankle keeps improving and I can get back to riding three times a week.


  1. So good to hear that you were out and riding the bike again!

    With my very best wishes,

  2. thanks Merisi! hope all is well with you.

  3. Yes, great you could ride. I imagine it will take some time to adjust to the different 'range of movement'. (technical term I learned after my broken wrist...) It will be great if you are able to go exploring in autumn.