Monday, February 4, 2008

Desert Elephants of Namibia

I have a relative, Dr Keith Leggett, who has spent the past several years doing valuable research on the wonderful Elephants of Namibia.

These elephants live the harshest conditions imaginable:-

Quote "Hoanib and Hoarusib River Catchments, Northwestern Namibia — Running from Etosha National Park in the east to Skeleton Coast National Park in the west, 12 ephemeral rivers form linear oases through this semiarid stretch of the Namib Desert.

Populations of elephants have increased in the region, where less than 6 percent of the land is protected as wildlife habitat, spurring more frequent conflicts with humans. A growing system of community-level conservancies is the best chance that wildlife here has for survival in the harsh environment. Communities are learning to view elephants as economic assets, but they need information about their local ecology to manage them effectively and avoid conflicts".

Namibia has been described as the land god created in anger and this is probably a pretty fair description of the environment. Drought is a common event here in Namibia's northwest and can have devastating effects on wildlife and domestic stock populations. However, throughout this unforgiving environment there is the miracle of life and surprisingly, a variety of large mammals have adapted to it. You can help contribute to the long-term sustainability of both human communities and wildlife here.

Funding for this valuable work has runout and is not secured for next year. If you would like to help then you can contact Keith via myself.

Dr Keith Leggett at work.

Photos courtesy of Earthwatch.


  1. You get lions there as well and meercats. My son lived in Namibia for over two years and I learned a lot about the country then.

  2. p.s. Toyota pick-up are the very best! I would love one.

  3. grumble- my family NEVER sign out.....

    Anyway- WE have a toyota! I wonder if yor son knows keith? GAWD! small world!

  4. Hi I like your blog I just found out one of my old best friend did years of charity work in Africa we became estranged but only because I was on drugs... you commented on a friend of mine's blog so I thought I'd come here have a look... you always got something interesting to picture, interesting to say

    what's this auctioneer thing? do you sell ANTIQUES then? or other things?/if so what? I am fascinated

    take it EZ


  5. hey gleds!

    I auctions motor vehicles, trucks, equipment ( eg bulldozers rtc ) and real estate.

    Have aucitoned antiques and general stuff too!

    Thanks for you comment re the pictures!

    There seems to be quite a link with Nabibia!

  6. namibia! ( stupid boy that I am!)

  7. Harsh, but beautiful. If I had monies, I would donate, but I don't right now :(

    ryn: cemetaries are my favourite places. Do you think that makes me weird?

  8. "Parched" come to mind, looking at those pictures.
    I checked if my friend Marion had passed through Namibia on her drive from France to South Africa, but no, she hasn't.

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  10. Shadow lor:_ they are the MOST beautiful place! When I travel I like to have lunch in a cemetery and I have some favorites :o)

    Merisi:- let me know!!

  11. It's a novelty to see and hear about elephants on your blog Simon!

  12. i love elephants Anon! But they don't fly! :o)

  13. pink ones do Simon, when you've had too many Fosters.

  14. Twas Vikings that originally came from Namibia.

  15. Lornzo! yes!

    Viking:- you guys certainly rowed around!

  16. I don't truly appreciate animal adaptability until I see what can survive in a brutal environment like that one.

  17. It is such a harsh environment, isn' it? It's amazing how they have managed to survive there.

    Talking of cars, mine bit my head this morning (ow), I slammed the hatchback on my scalp - blood everywhere. So embarassing, I couldn't take the dog to the beach - he howled all the way home!

  18. Lin - yes incredible buit sad too!

    SWS! I cannot access your blog! its invitation only!

    Hope your head is ok today.