Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today I got the Troopie ready....

Drove and parked in the Blue Mountains here.....

Looked at this view through the rain....

And spent two hours riding to here......

To sit, have lunch, and look at this view through the rain...


  1. I really like my troopcarrier......... and my bike.....and the blue mountains....

  2. Rain again for you.. what a summer! We have actually had some rain this weekend - amazingly. The lawn is suddenly green again.
    Had 1000 Harleys here in town this weekend. The boy racers were remarkably quiet, as they looked so puny by comparison.
    I had three days work last week, and have been booked already for three days this week. My siesta existence is suddenly over!(and lorenzo can stop panicking that she can't keep up with my rate of blog posting.)

  3. :o)

    Its almost too wet here. And cold! I had the heater on on the way there and back.....

  4. Poor old Oz. It is very cold here too, but beautiful blue skies. Out in the garden for a bit of digging soon!

  5. Actually, I have noticed on the weather in recent weeks that we are often warmer than Sydney!!! While we have had many many days in the high 20s, I have seen you languishing in the low 20s. For February, that is most unexpected!

  6. Well mate, I guess you could say the drought is over now?

    Ha! Ha! faxykab!

  7. I think about 50% of the state is drought declared which is a huge drop form the 90% a few months ago.
    There are still areas that are in bad shape.

    I just think of all that rain water going down the drains here in Sydney and think what a waste.

  8. And how did that rain make you feel? (Separate to the exciting drive/ride of course).

    They're lovely photos as always Simon.

    Did you know the video of the Diamond Python made MY day!?

    V.Word: nzlasxo
    (proof nz lassies have more kisses and cuddles)

  9. My couple of locations weren't so wet on the weekend, the rain evaporated before toucjhing our heads. Perhaps you should have drive/riden down from the mountains? Great photos though!

  10. Ju's the rain is welcome especially in that locatrion as it was really devistated by fire (Blue Gum Forest).. Thanks you re the photos and I am glad Monty made your day too!

    The rain itself leaks down my back... which is yuk!


    It was very steamy along the Northern Beaches and Manly on Saturday! I have ridden from the mountains to Liverpool!

  11. beautiful view in your photograph.

  12. I wasn't at the Northern Beaches or Manly Heehee. Will be posting where in a week's time :)

  13. Nancy! thanks!

    Anon:- You get around! Were you at Kurrajong? ahahahahaha!!!! now that would be TOO much!

  14. Ohhh ... well worth the metalling and pedaling for that view! So glad you are getting the rains!

  15. Hi Lin- thanks yes its good overall... a bit frustrating to ride a bike because it does wear them out quick... but the environment really loves it.
    There are only 2 seasons in Australia:- Wet and dry!

  16. No I wasn't in Kurrajong because the rain evaporated before reaching our heads! Around the Harbour's edge where there's always plenty of water anyway. No good for cycling!

  17. You cynic you! How can you be so dismissive of Maalie's angels?

  18. Hello Simon!

    Do you have more pictures of Monty? Next time you have to move her, may we see a video?


    Oooo v.word = ewpuko!!!!!

  19. Maalie and angels don't really go together anyhow ;-) I suspect that hmso has become active because a certain person has become too well known as an atheist to have any credibility on fundy blogs anymore. So he is bored :-)

  20. Lorenzo! hahaha!

    Ju's:- yes I do have more photos I will do a little blogging!

    Kiwi:- SPOT on!