Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monty Python Pt2

Ju's little sister asked to see some more photos of Monty and her habitat. So here goes

Returning from a sunbake

Moving her so I can trim the hedge

Checking us out

lifting a roof tile and returning to sleep
So, this is where you will find her most of the time, or sunning herself on the gutters above the table.
Sometimes I find her in other gardens but not often.


  1. Thanks for showing more photographs, she sure is long! Is the roof where she hibernates?

  2. Hi Anon!

    Yes, in that corner you see. I watched her lift the roof tile and slide under. Sometimes we do hear her in the roof.. sounds like a log being dragged around.

    Last week she drapped herself along the top of the gutter and had her tail over the edge, just catching some sun.. :o)

    I think she would be about 2 metres

  3. is there any point she'll start thinking about you as possible food source? If she got right into the house?
    How do you tell she's female?

    Thank you for the cool photos!

    I like the picture down the right of the wedge tail eagle too - looks majestic!


  4. Hi Ju's!

    Female because of size and I had a w.i.r.e.s person come around a few years ago and identify when I found her.

    I am not worried about her at all. They do not seek out prey really they wait for it to come to them. Certainly she is big enough to take a chicken, rabbit, or rat.

    When I pick her up she will resist a little. Its like trying to hang onto a strong arm. But generally she is relaxed. I guess she knows who we are by smell.

  5. ps! Yes Wedge tails are BEAUTIFUL

  6. jls... I saw a pair of wedgetailed eagles when I was at Alice Springs. They had a nest high up on a huge cliff above where a Desert Park was. I was waiting with the crowd for the 'birds of prey' show to begin. But they had to call it off when the eagles started swooping down... in case they killed one of their 'trained' birds. Some people were disappointed at the cancellation... but I thought it was wonderful to see real life intervene!

  7. Its actually very sad to see such beautiful birds in captivity.

    I know it usually is abut rescue now, but to see one in the air,or on the ground is perhaps the most incredible experience.

    I saw one years ago when riding mountain bikes. It had made a kill and was near the fire trail.. Because I was going fast i came upon it by surprise.. It rose and flew beside me for some time as it struggled to get height etc... I could see its eye.

    I cannot forget it.... It made me feel small and "powerless". :o)

  8. Oh she is so beautiful Simon. Do snakes smell? I mean, can they smell? No, what I mean is, do they have olfactory function, not do they pong a bit, like my dog does.

  9. You awake yet Simon? They are waiting for your next comment over at halfmom's.

  10. Gosh that fourth picture really gives the impression of just how long it is!

    By the way, do you know for sure that it's female, or is that just your pet name?

    Does it crawl on its belly and eat dust and talk?

    [I I see you have already dealt with the issue of sex]

  11. By the way, of course I agree mostly with your comments about birds in captivity. Taking birds from the wild is mostly inexcusable. But I would just add that some birds of prey have been bred in captivity for generations and if well looked after in decent aviaries etc. it appears they do quite well (e.g. continue to breed). This can be justified in conservation terms, and also education as kids seeing falconry displays can get hooked on wildlife and conservation issues.

  12. I don't think i would invite her into the house.

  13. Lorenzo:- snakes are deaf, and their tongue is what they smell with.

    So, in the video you will see her flicking it. She is smelling to see who we are. They do not smell (as in stink). at all. However their poo does smell. but they don't do that very often.

    Maalie:- I agree with your comment re bids in captivity.
    Quite confident she is a she. W.i.r.e.s told us.

  14. Ellee:- I would not be too concerned. they are placid. Mind you, when they wrap around you, they are quite strong...

  15. A rabbit and a snake meet on a foggy morning and can't see (or smell) each other. Upon meeting they agree to let the other have a feel to see what they were dealing with. The snake gies first,
    "You've got big long ears, a cotton tail, you're a rabbit!"
    The rabbit is impressed, and takes her turn;
    "You're slimy, and low to the ground... you're a lawyer!"

  16. I acknowlege that snakes aren't slimy.

    Or as bad as lawyers in any way. Sorry Monty.

  17. I love that joke! I use auctioneer instead of lawyer