Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today I quit work, went home and went for a walk in a thunder storm.... Why? because....

I needed the fresh air!

and I saw a HUGE bull ant- closely related to the wasp and about an inch long!! OUCH!
I love these ants. They don't care how big you are they simply want to bite you!

Then I saw a family of red browed finches that took a great deal of interest in what I was doing (which was trying to photograph them) ;o)

Bird list:- Magpie, Kookaburra, Red browed finch, Tree Creeper.... & highway patrol on motor bikes.....


  1. Your thunderstorm must have had a break or your waterproof camera is excellent and you are very brave Simon ;) This is nasty, but when kids we made bull ants sting themselves by placing a stick across their middles :( Once I had an ant in my EAR which was discovered days later when squashed with an earbud- very unwell. That is a large family of Red-browed Finches!! Well done photographing them, they are FAST!

  2. :o) thanks ANON! the camera is excellent.. its one of those Olympus thingo waterproof, shock proof...

    I am going to crop the Finches photo... one was quite a show off...

    AS for ants I used to introduce red ants to green ants.....

    Ant in your ear! I've "heard" of that.. ahahahahah

  3. We have been decidedly lacking in rain around here, even when it is promised!
    I have been drooling over ideas of what to do when I have three days in Paris early April. Think I might spend one day in Auvers-sur-Oise and drool over van Gogh.

  4. now you ARE making me jealous!!!

  5. I was trying to ;-) (But I knew it wouldn't be a hard task!)

  6. My Aunts are very nice thankyou!

  7. do you have french aunts anon? ahahahahah! ;o0

  8. Actually don't be too jealous simon.... tomorrow morning I am going out on a 3-4 hour hilly walk with my loaded pack. It will not be a pleasant experience. It didn't look like I had much stuff laid out on the bed but it weighs a ton. Tomorrow afternoon I will be reconsidering what is 'essential'!

  9. Ooo rain! Something you Aussies never get! Perhaps you are having some of ours because it hasn't rained for two days!

  10. Now you have me worried: I can't find any birds here!
    I imagine you must have a climate similar to Washington DC, subtropical? Nothing better than walking around right after a summer thunderstorm there. Mists rising from the still hot pavement, the air clean and fresh, the trees still dripping wet. If one's lucky, the clouds clear by the time the sun goes down, which makes for a glorious sunset.

  11. Be ye not ungrateful for sweet rain thou wretched man from Oz.

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  13. Coming down the deli for a coffee and confession?

  14. See Maalie's blog for bonebreaker news!

    See you down the deli Rose!

  15. Have just been reading about all your rain on the smh site.
    Strangely enough, it is the same La Nina that has given us, in this part of NZ, our 'best' summer for yonks.... warm and dry. Mind you, in some places, farmers are suffering drought conditions....

  16. RIGHT!!!

    We Have a new MAC.. and it does not automatically sign people off--- SOOOO I am posting comments with OTHER members of my families names and it is driving me NUTS!

    I should have said:-

    Lorenzo- yes we are getting plenty of rain!

    Merisi- a walk in a storm can be great!

    Viking!- :o)

    Lorenzo! It was me who should have said "yes!"

    I got a text from Jim to say what he had found!

    Kiwi:- frankly just one day of sun would be good.