Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Garden from the window

Life is good. I mean really good. To wake up to this view from my window is very special, sadly it will be gone in a week or two. ( well worth clicking on the photo for a better look)

So.. after having a week to recover from my treatment- Its time to get out and go for a ride before returning and spending some time keep the garden in shape... See you all in Blogging land.


  1. Simon your gardens are beautiful... even without the wild bike bush that seems to been weeded out...

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend... I actually found out someone I know has the same condition as you.. she has only just found out... I think mild though.

    Take care and enjoy your garden.. xxx Julie

  2. thanks Julie- Let me know if your friend wants any advice or guidance. Glad to be back at work after a record auction saturday, mountain biking on Sunday and fishing/motorbike riding yesterday!

  3. hey Si...
    Why don't you take a picture from the garden to the inside of the house ;o)

    kidding kidding
    take it as a compliment


  4. but there is no garden in the house anon! ;o)

  5. i meant what you take care about is beautiful.
    farfetched i know

  6. yes I know what you meant! x

  7. Hi Simon, I wonder what you and your Australian friends think about the search for Australia's $100,000 shopper blogger. It sounds too good to be true! I heard about it at a social media conference in the UK and have been writing about it on my blog.