Monday, September 27, 2010

Skateboard cat

Midnight likes to skateboard. As a 15 year old cat he seems obsessed with it. Here is a short video as a birthday present for fellow blogger Susan from Bricolage. Here Midnight is kicking back, but I have witnessed him on the move too.


  1. Very cute. Midnight has the catitude of a very cool one, indeed. When ready, I'm sure the wheels will roll.

    Thanks, Simon!

    (and Midnight, too, of course)

  2. thanks! yes he is very cool indeed. I nearly tripped over him whilst getting ready for the weekends activities..he was right in the middle of the driveway!

  3. I suppose Midnight wonders why you would even think of the skateboard park, when there are such delicious bits of sun to lie in at home....

  4. he does sit on the skateboard as it moves too Kiwi!

    frankly I am not too fond of cats, especially in our environment with a host of birds/mammals and snakes. But Midnight is quite a unique fellow.

  5. This cat ROCKS!
    I'm happy you, too, are friends with Susan and Giulia.

  6. thanks Mary- Laure. Blogging is great! :o)

  7. Oh wow, he is GORGEOUS, and I swear he was actually answering you there, too! Talking of which, how great to hear your voice - now, if you can just turn the camera around to your face..?

  8. Shrinky- yes he does answer when you talk to him. AS for turning the camera onto me- hahaha! I would break it ;o)

    Jim- Thanks mate.. when are you going to post on the PIke you caught? thats one huge fish!

  9. he sure is a cutie!
    have a fun weekend

  10. I can understand catlanguage Si :o)
    I will not let you know the extended version of Midnight's local dialect !
    But it was something like "I was expecting a Subaru WRX" !!!

    ps : he's a beautiful cat.
    I wish no spider are hidden in his fur !! ;o)


  11. yes he is a pretty amazing cat- sadly he farts and its just aweful....

  12. even Sylvie does :D
    (i hope she's less hairy !)