Thursday, September 9, 2010


My first Cannondale in 2000.

I like bikes. I like them for a lot of reasons. I like the exercise, I like the speed, I like the variety of terrain I can get to and I like the technology. I like Cannondales. They are beautifully made in the USA, they are quirky with interesting designs on front forks. They are reliable and a gem to ride.

My Synapse

Last year I let the training slip,but I have now got back into it and I am enjoying it a lot, but i am still having dramas with the Cannondale Prophet. A few weeks ago I had the front brake caliper replaced which prevented the front wheel binding (I had been riding with a partially jammed brake). Sadly, on Wednesday night I noticed the front wheel doing the same thing again. It now appears I have to send the entire front stem (fork), to Queensland for a rebuild. I guess after 5 years of pounding through the national parks its acceptable.

My Prophet

Soooo it's more time on my Cannondale Synapse. This is a very nice bike with a combination of carbon and alloy. The seat stays etc are curved for a more comfortable ride, and I had chosen a more laced front and rear rim ( more spokes). This is to prevent the bike becoming unrideable should I hit a pothole and damage the rims. Whilst less fashionable, its more reliable.

Bad Boy- note the small head shock and a more mountain bike style frame.

I am seriously considering buying another bike- called a Cannondale Bad Boy. This is a cyclo-cross bike. A cross over between a mountain bike and a road bike. With a small front head shock and triple front rings it can be used on mountain trails, (with the correct tyres fitted), or used as a trainer on the road.

Then I will have a bike for all seasons.

I have to confess though, I am tired- after 150km of training, then doing the gardens and then painting the deck I hit the wall! Still better to keep moving than sitting still in my opinion!


  1. good on ya mate!!! I'll let you train for me too!!! xx

  2. I know nothing about bikes and I've been thinking about getting a bike for a while - Shetland roads perfect for cycling. Add to the list of things to purchase - kayaks included. Hugs to you from Shetlandia x

  3. One thing is sure:
    After 150 km training, I would hit the roof if I had to do the garden and paint the deck before having a nap! ;-)

  4. Julie- gee thanks! I have to admit I feel rooted still.

    Abby- yes you should get one! Maalie has a very good Giant that is robust and an excellent tourer- perhaps something similar that requires little maintainence. Mine can require a lot of serviceing.

    Merisi! hahahah yep I was completely "off my face" in the end

  5. I hope you were out there with your bike this weekend!

  6. sometimes the bike could take a picture of you

  7. - but i always look "rooted" ;o)