Monday, October 25, 2010


These are my Scarpa Attack walking boots. I bought them 25-30 years ago and they have been a faithful, comfortable travel companion. They have covered many local and international national parks. Sadly, whilst in Cumbria, walking Skiddaw Peak, I ran out of traction and the descent was awkward. It was time to retire them. They cost me $300.00 all those years ago, that was a lot for a school boy.

These are my new Scarpa Walking boots! Amazing! they are ready for walking immediately,(no breaking in), and offer me more support for my ankles. Whilst I do not think they will last me 25-30 years, I am sure they will last a while with care! They cost me $350.00.

These are my new Black Diamond walking poles. Whilst ego prevented me from using these in the past, a purchase of a single pole in Cumbria taught me the benefits of using them, especially with the arthritis I have. They provide stability down hill and reduce fatigue by about 10%. They also fold up pretty small too!

This new equipment was tested on the weekend and will allow me to enjoy this....

And this, for many years to come! My only sadness is- the boots are no longer made in Italy but rather Romania. Still... better then being made in China IMO...

The short walk in the rain on the weekend proved the boots comfort and the poles improvement in stability, so I am a "happy camper"!


  1. They are bee-yoo-tiful, Simon. (The old ones are lovely, though.) You'd mentioned them & there they are. Wow, about that view. Where is it? I want to look it up. OK, off to bed over here. ciao

  2. Thanks Susan! They have that wonderful Vibram sole which will outlast the uppers. I nearly bought a pair that were a modern version of the attacks, but my feet would not cope with the breaking in process.

    The view is the Blue Mountains National Park, looking across the Jamison Valley to The Ruined Castle, (that little peak), and across to Mt Solitary. Glad you like them!

  3. I hope that you and your new boots will be happy together! You got them in time to be comfortable by April? Interesting post mate.

  4. Hey Simon
    Scarpe is Italian for shoes!! Very important word for any female travelling in Italy to learn!!!

    You know I bought something similar when I was in France.. don't remember the brand... must dig them out.. sadly they are a little small for me now...

    Have a fab week .. ciao xxx Julie

  5. 30 years, thats impressive!! mine are humble caterpillar but i love them. i think they are more work boots but i use them for everything.
    sweet new ones you ve got there too

  6. Laura- I know that brand and they are highly prized here! I have work boots too which I wear to work!

    Julie- I thought that was the case- you should buy a pair they come in ladies too, and are goo excuse to travel! ;o)

    Jim- yes mate. the new canvas canopy for the landcruiser will be ready in a few weeks too. A friend just got back from the centre and said it was like looking at an English field!

  7. Shoes are awesome! They...are shoes and...protect your feet from the ground. Which is awesome! Stupid ground, trying to screw your feet up. You sure showed it with those awesome shoes! :D

    Okay, I don't understand the value of good shoes. I've bought the same kind of shoes since I discovered them in '04 and I use them for everything. The poles, however, are awesome and I'm not just saying that :)

    ryn: buzzzzzzzzzzz XD *thud*