Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My truck in Australia at Webbs creek

Within the woodlands flowery gladed
By the oak tree's mossy moot,
The shining grass-blades, timber-shaded,
Now do quiver under foot;
And birds do whistle overhead,
And water's bubbling in its bed,
And there for me the apple tree
Do lean down low in Linden Lea.

Webbs creek itself.

When leaves that lately were a-springing
Now do fade within the copse,
And painted birds do hush their singing
Up upon the timber tops;
And brown-leaved fruit's a-turning red,
In cloudless sunshine, overhead,
With fruit for me, the apple tree
Do lean down low in Linden Lea.

Oops! Me in the Lakes district North England in winter...

Let other folk make money faster
In the air of dark-roomed towns,
I don't dread a peevish master;
Though no man do heed my frowns,
I be free to go abroad,
Or take again my homeward road
To where, for me, the apple tree
Do lean down low in Linden Lea.

Frankly, I love this poem. It is so much of who I am... ( yes I know thats my truck and I love it too!)


  1. yea I know... How could a pig hunting rig, and such poem, and music mix? I have no idea... but if you want my music for free let me know and I will send you some.

  2. I'm so with you. Forget that peevish master! Wonderful pics.

  3. It all mixes wonderfully. It's always so much fun to confound some sorts of people for whom "it does not compute."

    I don't even have a driver's license, so I'm way impressed by a pig rig:)

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Thanks Susan I agree!! :o) you dont have a licence? how do you get around the USA without a car?

  5. pretty cool truck actually. i dig the pig rig

  6. Thanks Laura. Yes I think its pretty cool. :o)

  7. That winter pic is super gorgeous.

    Didn't even occur to me that these things shouldn't go together. Which is shocking, I'm sure :P

  8. Hi Shadow! thanks yes that photo is the LAkes disctrict in England in winter!