Sunday, October 10, 2010

The week that was

Dave preparing the mountain bikes before we set off.

Dave and I did a Mountain Bike ride through the Wollemi National Park, starting at Mountain Lagoon- a beautiful spot. Not a difficult ride, but a few hills to keep you on your toes and fresh mountain air to keep the lungs invigorated.
The Lagoon itself.

My Cannondale is going well, with the service on the front suspension making a real difference in rebound and dampening. Money well spent to make it a pleasure to ride once more.

Later on we went fishing along the Webb Creek, where a flat head was caught. A fraction undersized it was returned. A cup of billy tea boiled on the back of the landcruiser hit the spot at the conclusion of a top weekend


  1. not much of a post- but I was still recovering from my walk last week!

  2. you guys are all about the adventure. its cool.

  3. Thanks Laura- I must confess that the walk in the rain really upset the arthritis which made the week difficult. :o/ but as they say- it hurts if i sit and do nothing, and it hurst if i walk and do something- so better to do something! :o)

  4. another adventure filled weekend for you Simon..
    sorry to hear arthritis is playing up... [have you tried juices.. fresh juices... seems to help a lot of ppl]

    ciao xxx Julie

  5. Ahhh we learned a bit about the Wollemi Pine in my NZ Flora paper- when we were learning about how plants evolved, and about the gymnosperms... Though I gather they are pretty hidden in the park and not exactly on any cycling routes...

  6. Julie- thanks! I used to eat very properly, now I have a careless attitude to it, (which probably does not help me), I did do the fresh juice routine and it was enjoyable.

    Kiwi- no they are found in a very remote part of the park, kept secret. The National Park are worried that walkers may introduce fungus/bacteria etc into the canyon if people go there. You can buy a wollemi pine though the Mt Tomah botanical gardens sell them!

  7. I feel like a total slug after reading this, Simon. I shall double my walk tomorrow. Though it won't be close to as exotic.

    With admiration & hello to Midnight:p


  8. well dont feel like a slug- if you are walking yu are out there and doing it, so that brilliant imo...!