Tuesday, April 17, 2012

farewell X. hello R

Isn't it lovely??
In amongst my art collection, record collection and sculptures, sit some nice bikes. Today I bought a Honda crf250r. LIke the crf250x, (which I bought before Christmas), its loaded with goodies. Unlike the X its stripped down and lightened for racing- and light it is!!

Traditionally, I have always brought the new bike into the home. This tradition started when I was a kid and moved into adulthood. Today it continues and the R sits proudly with Guillem, Faure, sculptures and paintings... ( Its all about performance).
I will miss the X and the R is higher maintenance... however the results should be good

Tomorrow we break it in... ( mmnnnn I must hang/sell those damn paintings)


  1. Hooray for bikes & art. (You don't have to hang them, though that is nice...just sit them up against walls in little collections.)


  2. what the bikes or the art? haha! ;o)

    Yes push bikes are very nice too