Sunday, April 15, 2012


Dave 2nd bike from the right at the start.

With Sylvie Guillem getting average reviews in New York, and me being excessively miserable with the last post, ( which I have removed), It was time to take Dave to his first motocross training day and get back my focus.


Its a day filled with the smell of 2 stroke fuel, dirt, dust and engines revving like swarms of angry bees and focused young men looking to vent all there energy on something. Its serious business and I was concerned that Dave could hurt himself. I need not have- he was in the middle of the pack and leaping about as if he had done it all his life... ( which is typical of him really)

I could easily stand under the bike as Dave hits the jumps at speed and height, and this is not the highest jump

However the jumps are huge and it was Daves first day out. 6 hours of solid riding and learning from the instructors made it a day worthwhile. One jump is 70 feet.. HUGE to say the least. There were people of all ages and many of the Dads have expensive vans kitted out with workshops and accommodation. Our trailer and jerry can is a humble start.

After 6 hours of riding the eyes say it all!

The experienced dads were a great encouragement, not only to myself but to Dave as well and I really enjoyed the zest they had for life and fun. It sure beats sitting in front of a play station. Full credit to Dave for organizing the day and getting his race licence.

The Honda 250x held its own, but its not a full Motocross racer- its now time for a Honda 250 R!!


  1. Simon,
    there should be a reward for mentioning Sylvie Guillem in a post about motocross! You had me in stitches. ;-)

    The closest I ever came to motocross was when I attended an event where ski champions gave themselves a race for charity. ;-) Fun, but lots of dirt and dust.

  2. Oh yes- its all about performance Merisi! I thought my photos were awful and over exposed but then I realized it was not sunlight but smoke and dust. I had to take the photos well ahead of any jumps. So in fact I had to guess when to click and then the bike was in the air, in front and gone in a second.