Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wet Weather

With wet weather continuing, the boys decided they should get out in the mud and ride. So they did.

Both Honda 250 "R"s are very quick race bikes. Logans is a 2008 model and apart from some cosmetics, different exhaust and a slightly different engine position in the frame , they are essentially the same bike. (Logans is on the left with dual exhaust).

There were three major accidents on the track. One rider tried to copy Logans wheel stand, flipped his bike and landed on a rock. He required immediate attention. One rider "High sided" his bike flipping himself over the handlebars and nearly resulting in the following bikes running him over. However the third was hilarious! A rider chose to ride across the water soaked central paddock- flat out he went, then instantly dissapeared. There is a 6 foot drainage channel in the centre he failed to see. No injury, only one drowned bike and an ego shattered!

So, these were the results for us- Two very muddy motorbikes and two very muddy guys!

A great afternoon had by all.