Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jeep Update

I got a phone call from the mechanic. " Come and get her, she is ready for rego and you can drive her home..." I have to admit I was very excited, raced over, fitted the trade plate and started her up. She was a little reluctant to crank, but 6 volt systems are like that. However, she soon started and purred smoothly. I thanked the mechanic and drove slowly out onto the street. People seem to like Jeeps, they wave and laugh. I guess it makes them feel good.

As I got more confident I increased the speed and entered the main road. I approached a set of traffic lights and other vehicles. I applied the brakes- nothing. I pulled the handbrake- nothing. I hit the pedal again- nothing as it remained on the floor. Fortunately I had the sense to crash back through the gears, swerved to avoid the cars and stalled her onto the footpath. Needless to say the mechanic has not returned my calls. I am thankful no one was injured. The mechanic? He will no longer receive any business from me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A day on Sydney Harbour

40 Baskets Beach. Sydney Harbour.

Every year I invite about 20 of our corporate guests to have a conference and discuss the fleet market. We have lunch at Nicks Seafood restaurant at Darling Harbour and then spend some time on the boat.

Our boat- 50 ft Key West Moored on the far left.
At high tide, it will not fit under the Pyrmont Bridge because of the communication aerials and fishing out riggers.

Its a pleasant way to spend a day. But rather than show you the photos of a sunny Opera house I thought I would show you a different perspective on the harbour. At sunset.

Even at night in unsettled conditions Sydney Harbour is a beautiful place to be.

Sunset, as a storm approaches, just prior to all the lights being switched on.

Cockle Bay.

A few minutes later, same buildings but with the lights now on taken from the back of the boat. I always look forward to this day each year as we get busier heading towards Christmas.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Caterpillar D7G

This is a Caterpillar D7G Track Loader, (Bull dozer), fitted with ROPS, rear rippers and a coal blade. If you look carefully around you can see the other equipment I have for auction. Part of my job is to keep the machines running and I enjoy having a coffee whilst warming the engines up. This unit runs a 3208 Cat diesel, and is quite powerful. As a government unit it is well serviced and would make an ideal machine for a large farm or as a tidy up unit. AS you can see I enjoy my job!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jeep Pt3

This week, with a fresh battery,fuel, oil and grease it was time to see if she would start. I had no expectation when we hit the ignition. The Jeep sprang into life immediately! Amazing! She simply sat there purring away as if she had never been silent for all those years.

The clutch was a bit "sticky" and the starter motor "lazy". We switched her off and have taken the starter motor out to be reconditioned...

Stay tuned, as there will be a video of this historic event. Then I can dress up like these lunatics and drive to the bottle shop/cafe!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mountain Ride

Having not ridden for 3 months it was time to dust off the bike and head out for some fresh air and exercise. The ride? Familiar. How did I fair? Not too bad considering the lack of fitness.

The trees and shrubs were in full blossom and the track was hard and quick. It was not too long before I was enjoying an energy bar at my favorite look out. New holland honey eaters, and black faced couckoo shrikes flitted amongst the tress whilst bell minors echoed in the cooler sections of bush.

The whole atmosphere reminded me of this poem

Bellbirds by Henry Kendal 1869

By channels of coolness the echoes are calling,
And down the dim gorges I hear the creek falling:
It lives in the mountain where moss and the sedges,
Touch with their beauty the banks and the ledges.
Through breaks of the cedar and sycamore bowers
Struggles the light that is love to the flowers;
And, softer than slumber, and sweeter than singing,
The notes of the bell-birds are running and ringing.
The silver-voiced bell birds, the darlings of daytime!
They sing in September their songs of the May-time;
When shadows wax strong, and the thunder bolts hurtle,
They hide with their fear in the leaves of the myrtle;
When rain and the sunbeams shine mingled together,
They start up like fairies that follow fair weather;
And straightway the hues of their feathers unfolden
Are the green and the purple, the blue and the golden.

October, the maiden of bright yellow tresses,
Loiters for love in these cool wildernesses;
Loiters, knee-deep, in the grasses, to listen,
Where dripping rocks gleam and the leafy pools glisten:
Then is the time when the water-moons splendid
Break with their gold, and are scattered or blended
Over the creeks, till the woodlands have warning
Of songs of the bell-bird and wings of the Morning.

Welcome as waters unkissed by the summers
Are the voices of bell-birds to the thirsty far-comers.
When fiery December sets foot in the forest,
And the need of the wayfarer presses the sorest,
Pent in the ridges for ever and ever
The bell-birds direct him to spring and to river,
With ring and with ripple, like runnels who torrents
Are toned by the pebbles and the leaves in the currents.

Bell Minor (Please note:- not my photo)

Often I sit, looking back to a childhood,
Mixed with the sights and the sounds of the wildwood,
Longing for power and the sweetness to fashion,
Lyrics with beats like the heart-beats of Passion; -
Songs interwoven of lights and of laughters
Borrowed from bell-birds in far forest-rafters;
So I might keep in the city and alleys
The beauty and strength of the deep mountain valleys:
Charming to slumber the pain of my losses
With glimpses of creeks and a vision of mosses.

I think my love of the mountains is summed up in those last few lines.