Sunday, May 18, 2014


Yes, I  know the next post will be about more life on a cattle station.. but Dave has been  doing this trick on  his motocross bike- ENDOS!

Basically, what  you  do  is this-

 ride like mad….

 Then,  when you  have won/impressed/ or simply  been  happy  with  your performance,

 you  can  wow the viewer with  this-

And .. no… this is not photo shopped…. after this you  carry on..

I  think its cool…. others think its mad….

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Outback fencing

Evening on the banks of Red Hole.

Recently we went back to  our favourite spot, Kilcowera, to lend a hand and generally  enjoy  life on a cattle station.

I have always enjoyed fencing for some reason. It  must be the pace. You cannot work any harder, or faster than the fence and terrain will allow.

The fence with a lean to it.

The fence line here is about 200km, and was erected many  years ago to be rabbit proof, and dog proof. It makes it a lot of work to maintain, and frankly  would not keep  either out.

David and Greg straining the fence.

The terrain is tough and its a credit to Toyota that "old Whitey" still gets through with a full load of posts and wire. Greg puts it into all manner of wash-outs, and pushes scrub over with  ease.

Sand Monitor.

Whilst  working this chap walked up to  us as bold as brass and spent the entire time supervising our progress. Chestnut-breasted Quail Thrush were also a delight to see.

A couple of sandwiches and  a hot cross bun washed down with a cup of tea was the order of the day, as we progressed along the line.

I  must  confess I  love the contrast of colours.

The red, green, blue and mauve of an evening as we returned to the shearers quarters was a constant delight  "I  felt nature had let me intrude"* (* quote from the song Droving Woman).

By evening a couple of beers and a meal with  friends brings a contentment city  folk seldom obtain.

Next Post- birds seen, and some old properties that are in the first  stages of neglect.