Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kenworth 179 work continues

The work continues on  Blue Circle Southern  1985 Kenworth W model fleet number 179.

The lads have removed the Bin, it has been  sold and is heading to QLD. 

We are searching for a tray to suit, and the truck will  go  over the pit to have the chassis steam and acid washed.

This will remove most  of the dirt and any surface rust. Surprisingly the chassis and under carriage is very  good. The rails are all original with no "after market" hole drilled in it.  It was a relief as we bought the truck based on  word of mouth and good will.

Once the chassis is cleaned and dried it will be painted its original colour (which  it already  is)- a 'cement" grey.

My thanks to  Johnson Transport for all the work they are putting in.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Everyone needs a Kenworth W model.

When I  was a kid I had a real desire to  own a Kenworth  W Model truck. I  would spend hours looking at posters, writing to Kenilworth to get stickers, and stare as they  headed down the Hume Highway.

Picking up the Kenworth in the Hunter Valley (as well as some hay!)

Trucks fascinated me. I  am  lucky that, as an auctioneer and valuer, I  can  spend a lot of time with  them as part of my  job.  However, I  always wanted to "own one".

Well, 4 weeks ago I  got one!  Its another tick on the bucket list.  So, here are the Stats-

1985 built Kenworth W model prime mover. Day cab. Ex Blue Circle Southern Dubbo truck.  Fitted with  Cummins 400 horse power big cam engine, running through a 15 speed Road Ranger Gearbox, and sitting on torsion bar suspension.  Yes, I  know- some will not like that suspension spec, however, it does give you 12 inches of travel, a softer ride and is perfect for rougher road conditions.

Just arrived at the depot. The truck drove faultlessly.

Its described as a "mid wheel base" which  makes it look great  in my  opinion. The interior and the truck overall still has its original features, as well as original fleet paintwork. Its been well looked after too. Being a highway  truck its not worn out or loose.

I am not after a "blingy" hot rod truck, and don't have then money for that. I  prefer the truck to  remain as it was-a "working truck." With  a history of millions of miles...

View from drivers seat

Our plan is- to sell the "bin", (thats the tipper part), off the back and return it to  a prime mover spec.

Paint the chassis the original colour (grey), fit rear guards and do some minor electrical/mechanical work to  ensure its safe and road worthy.

Kenworth W179 in workshop.

Work done so far- Headlights repaired and replaced (as necessary).

Batteries replaced and rewired.
Jakes brake adjusted and rewired.
All clearance lights, roof lights checked for operation.

I  want to  say a big thank you  to  Bert, the previous owner of the truck, for allowing me to  buy it. I  would also  like to  that Ross from Johnson Transport for organising the sale, as well as the delivery.

More to come!