Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Reception

The reception was held at Wolfies in the Rocks area of Sydney. An old convict built wool store, it has fantastic views down the harbour and across to the Opera house.
Toms art

Kesia and Tom had some of their artwork on display, and the evening was a wonderful mixture of the traditional, (in speeches), with the modern/gothic. Kesias Mum created some fantastic table displays too.

Kesias art

Even the cake was different. A womans torso with a corset, top hat and raven skulls around the base.

The cake.

Perhaps the most  "confronting" artwork was a sculpture which  Tom created. Made from steel, its a full sized womans body, however the head has rams horns and a strong face like an alian. I  found it beautiful and confronting at the same time.

Toms sculpture of Kesia. You have to zoom in to see details of the face

Frankly, the whole wedding was a wonderful show, both  couples have a real commitment for each other, and they are truely  talented. I  am  so delighted to see my  son so happy, and delighted to have such a daughter-in-law

 Kesias portrait of Tom ( yes, he is that fit)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sons Wedding Part 1

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments, has been  my  sons wedding. He has married a very talented girl and we welcome her into  our family.

Tom with  his sister Rosalie. Tom is very  fit.

The wedding was held in Waverly Cemetery, and unlike traditional weddings, was  a "black" wedding. The day  was perfect with a light breeze, blue skies with a hint of cloud. Whales played in the ocean behind, as sea eagles cruised the thermals across the ocean.

Tom and Kesia tying the knot

Kesia wore a 140 year old mourning dress and all  her bridal party  were looking splendid in their clothes. Black roses, a Celtic harp and a real tying the knot over the hands all added to  the atmosphere.

Signing the registrar. Rosalie is far left. Jack is looking very  dapper ( far right)

At an area known as  The Rocks in Sydney, where other bridal Parties go to  have photo shoots, Our wedding party arrived. It  was such a contrast to the white weddings that  other camera crews stopped taking photos of their party  and began taking photos of ours!

Kesia looks stunning as too does everyone.

I will post more photos later in the week and show you  some of the artwork both  these talented people create