Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blue Circle Southern 1985 Kenworth W model 179

The next  phase of the work continued as I  removed the mudflaps  ready  for replacements to  go  on., purchased a new blinker switch and labelled the toggle switches on the cab, (mainly  for my  own benefit).

Into the workshop

I  did purchase new rear hubcaps but have decided not to fit them as I  don't think the truck  had these when ordered, and they are a pain to  fit.

So, the list  of things "to do" continues- New clutch pedal rubber, seats re-upholstered, the floor covering replaced, (as it has a hole in  it from  the heel of a boot), Some original fog lights for the front bar. 2x new steer tyres. tacho, and repair fuel gauge.

There are quite a few toggle switches.

All these are relatively  minor items and can  be done over time.
We have replaced the interior light, and the window winders which  were worn simply  from  use, and we need to  grease, oil change and replace the glycol in the radiator.

The new backing plate for interior light

I  am  leaving the body original, as its patina look  keeps the truck  100% original.
The rear of the chassis has been  modified from the dove tail of a prime mover to  re-enforced for the tipper, however I  will  keep that approach as we still have the pump and controls for the tipper and dog trailer.

Some new mudflaps ready  to  be installed

We have done a cold pressure wash just  to  see how the chassis cleaned up and its going to  be very  good.
All in  all a great  hobby (  well, if you  like big sandpits! lol!).