Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whats news?

I hear you  ask. Well, I  have hit the ground running flat out this year. Firstly I am back at Alliance Motor Auctions for 3 days a week, the real estate auctions have taken off for Saturdays and I am  valuing trucks, trailers plant and equipment as well as earthmoving machinery on any  other day  that  is free.

All this is keeping me  very  busy  indeed. You  know what  they  say- Make hay  whilst  the sun shines.  So  the next  opportunity  for a well deserved break will not be until Easter where we hope to  get back to  Kilcowera or Kinchega or Mungo National park. We shall see.

 Meanwhile here's a photo of an old car we found in the bush!  See you  all soon!