Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boorara. The final chapter.

I have just heard that Boorara Station has been  sold to the QLD government and will become part of a larger Currawinya national park.

I  have some mixed feelings about this. Certainly, something had to be done, and in terms of the environment, I  guess the outcome is good.  However, a well managed property can be better maintained that a national park. Sadly, the "lock it and leave it" mentality of governments rarely produces a good result.  By switching off the bores, the certainty  of watering points for  native wildlife becomes an issue.

The fact remains that the land is altered permanently  from its original state, and careful management to prevent weed infestations, as well as predatory animals (I  saw feral cats on the lake shores there), is vital.

The old bull catcher.

Can  the QLD government do it? I  don't know.  I  would like the  pioneers, and specifically the MaGrath family to  be recognised. Its the hard work of these families that  gave us the wealth  we have today.

The good news is, I  can  visit as often as I  like.