Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sacred Kingfisher

Today, having just reversed out of my driveway I spotted a Sacred Kingfisher. This is the first time in 9 years I have seen one in the mountains. A very beautiful little bird, and related to the kookaburra, its about 1/2 the size.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River

One of life's simple pleasures is to go fishing. Dave has developed a love of it and with a tackle box full of new and exciting lures, some instructions on fishing for Flathead and a map, we decided to head off down the Hawkesburys lower reaches.
Lets go fishing

Leaving home at 5.30am to catch the low tide and dawn the river looked stunning, with tall escarpments, native vegetation and that salt smell on the dawn breeze.

We chose to try Dinner Creek first- I mean with such a name who could resist? Wild life abounded. We saw birds such as Superb Wren, White necked Heron, Little Egret not to mention Mullet throwing themselves above the water. Evidence of fish were everywhere- except my sons fishing rod.

Dinner Creek.

After an hour we tried the river itself. To our surprise we stumbled on what appears to be a wild pig! Nothing comes as a surprise to me. I nearly ran over a deer coming to work the other day, and despite National Parks efforts, ferals seems to be getting worse not better. After a few hours of fishing and with the weather turning for the worst, it was time to pack up and head home. Dave was disappointed but still had a great morning. Next time we will take some bait and use a different approach!

Monday, October 19, 2009


North light comes uninvited,
Through the window to where you lie.
Disjointed, dust and silence,
Quite at a loss.

I feel strange, I feel changed.
I feel strange,
Overcome, Overcome by you.
I fell in too deep,
But I learned to swim.
In an undertow,
I sense I'm giving in.
I feel strange,I feel changed.
I feel strange,
Overcome, Overcome by you.

I'm a little bit wiser,
I'm a little bit sadder,
I'm a little bit less, (you might have guessed)
But if you could be staying,
Tell me now, I think I'm fading.
I swear I'll never trade your life for a lie.

Overcome by you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pierces Pass

Blue Gum
Last week I took another route into the Blue Gum Forest. You might recall earlier posts about Perrys Lookdown, Victoria Falls, Evans Head, Lockleys Pylon, well these all lead into the Forest.
To enjoy this walk you need to travel the Bells Line of road, passing Mt Tomah, as well as Mount Banks. About a kilometre on in a National Parks sign indicating Pierces Pass. Turn onto the dirt road and travel about a 1.5kilometres to the car park. There are BBQ amenities as well as an Ablutions block. Bring your own water.

Walking Track
The walk is graded hard 3 hours one way and it travels through a mixture of country. The track is well defined and follows a gully which in turn leads beside a creek. The dramatic change from scrub to rainforest always catches me by surprise. The track then heads out to a more exposed cliff line. Its here that the world heritage cliff lines and escarpments take dramatic effect. The sound of Bell minors filling the air.

Termite Nest
The weather was not the best, wet yet steamy. It was not too long before I found it was easier to walk in the rain without the waterproofs on. Sadly in some of the more open areas there are dramatic weed infestations similar to those found on Mount Banks. I think a comprehensive spraying is in order.

The Creek
Continuing the decent the track follow a ridge, across a saddle before making a steep and final drop into the creek a small flat camping area is found and looks appealing. The track crosses the creek and on the other bank is the walking track to either Victoria Falls or Blue Gum. Turn right for Victoria falls or left to Blue Gum. It is not too long before you arrive in the majestic Blue Gum forest. By now it was time for lunch and to sit by the creek was very pleasurable. After sometime returning back the way I came.

The Beautiful Warratah
The climb out is steep but rewarding again with superb views. The only incident was nearly stepping on a snake which was sunning itself between the showers. I had no idea I could jump so high! I returned to the car park in just over 3 hours. I have to confess I am not as fit as I would like and this walk certainly took a bit of an effort! All in all a walk I highly recommend.