Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Project

Bonnet has been buffed to a nice shine

Some of you might remember previous posts about my WW2 Jeep. I sold it last year as the project was just too big and frankly driving the Jeep was just too difficult, (read dangerous), in this modern world.
Well, a new project has arrived! Its a 1988 Range Rover. I am the third owner and can trace the vehicle back to the original owner in Monbulk Victoria. Its a base model, last of the "easy to work on" ones with a 3.5 litre V8 and manual transmission. All the gauges work, the carpet, trim , fit and finish is excellent.

Trim, carpets, dashboard etc are "as new"

There are some marks, (dents on the passenger doors), and the paint condition was just awful. I am not a fan of the colour but its about the condition of the vehicle overall so I can live with it. I even have its service history.

Drivers seat is in good order, as too is the steering wheel and dash.

This will be a project of sourcing some parts (eg the old fashioned fog lights and Range Rover mudflaps, floor maps etc as well as bringing the duco back to a mirror finish..
I am sure this will amuse me for a few months..I might even go down to the Polo fields with a picnic blanket, some chicken and champagne...

No wear to cargo area and all original tools are in their place.

These are quite amazing off road and in their day were superb on road as well with a plush ride. They can be let down by electrical faults and oil leaks, of which this has none.Models after this were a disaster.. Whats even better is.... it cost $2000.00!

Also- thank you to all of you for your support. I have had a difficult few weeks battling all sort of physical troubles but are beginning to feel a little better.
Thank you also for your nice comments to Nip. He is a top dog and very friendly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A blog I like...

As a working cattle dog I love the outback and the people. This is a link to a blog where the art and the people are superb!

Just click on this posts title and it will take you there!

Have a look! WOOF! ( I told you I am a great blogger)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

on the weekend....

I ran and leaped onto the leg of a pair of jeans drying on the clothesline, which then swung around until the clothesline collapsed which meant that my owner had to drive to the hardware and buy a new one!

Whilst he was installing the new one, I stole his icy cold can of beer, and tried to open it by biting it.....this had a profound effect on me and made me sheepish ( URGH!!!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello. My name is Nip. I am an Australian Blue Heeler cattle dog. We were bred in about 1840 by crossing Scottish blues with dingos to create a breed that can withstand the harsh Australian conditions. We are bred to nip at the back of the legs of stubborn cattle to keep them moving when droving and we have great stamina.

I am 11 months old and last Tuesday I was saved from the dog pound who were going to put me down the following day.

As you can see I am smiling, (click on my picture), because I am grateful. I do like to muck about and bark at things I don't understand but most of all I like to please.

I am a great blogger and I will be filling in for a few posts whilst my owner gets his shoulder back on track.