Thursday, May 30, 2013

Willandra Station

I am  off for a well deserved rest at Willandra where I am  in pursuit of the Plains Wanderer. I  hope by using mountain bikes I  will be able to  catch  another good look at a rare bird.

See you  all soon in Laminton country!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm a Cunnamulla Fella!

Now I'm a scrubber runner and breaker too,
I live on damper and wallaby stew.
I've got a big cattle dog with a staghound cross.

I never saw the scrubber we couldn't toss.
'Cause I'm the Feller, from Cunnamulla
Yes I'm the Cunnamulla Feller.

Now once when I was drovin' on the cattle trails,
I met a little girl her name was Ada Vale.
I said "Marry me Ada and I'll be the feller,
And we'll settle down in Augathella."
I'll be the Feller at Augathella,
Yes I'll be the Augathella Feller.

Oh, she said her daddy's name was Charley Ville,
She had a lot of kiddies and a lot of bills.
So I grabbed my horse that was nice and handy,
And I never stopped till I reached Dirranbandi.
I was the dandy at Dirranbandi,
Yes I was the Dirranbandi Dandy.

Now in my moleskin trousers and my Williams boots,
Aboard an outlaw as he leaves the chutes.
In my goose neck spurs I rake their fiery hide,
And the girls all shouting around the ringside.
Oh he's the Feller from Cunnamulla,
Yeah he's the Cunnamulla Feller.

Now I've done a little fightin' in the western bars,
Done a little lovin' neath the moon and stars.
I wear bright clothes and shirts full of colour,
And the girls know me as that certain feller.
Yes he's the Feller from Cunnamulla,
Yes he's the Cunnamulla Feller.

Oh he's the Cunnamulla Feller,
Yes he's the Cunnamulla Feller.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

BIrd Photography by Akos Lumnitzer

Its so difficult to get first class bird photos in flight or at night. Above is a beautiful photograph from Akos Lumnitzer.

I urge you  to  visit Akos website    A brilliant play  on words, you  can  explore what  it takes, (and what  he has to  wear!), in order to  capture some of the best birding  photos I have seen.

There are workshops, as well ,that  you  can  do- (one coming up  soon at Taronga Zoo in  June), if you  want to improve your ability  to  take better shots. Also a list  of equipment needed. Its a complete package that  will  at the very least make you  a better birder.

Many  thanks for the permission to  use this photo.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Big Crash

Nice jump, but.....

Despite some nice riding, Dave had quite a large crash yesterday on the track. I had at first thought that he had broken his foot or leg. The bike was quite bent on the right side too. it came about after they water the track and whilst he was "racing" a KTM 250 2 stroke ( read- very  very  quick bike)

Fortunately,  after some time in ice, it seems the foot is heavily sprained and we will be ok to  ride again in a few weeks. As for the bike? Well I  rode it, to check it out, and it felt quite "warped". So, off to the workshop again!

What  on earth would your grandparents say Dave??