Sunday, January 20, 2008


With the weather in NSW being unsettled and floods in QLD, any chance to get outside and get some fresh air is taken with great enthusiasm. Rather than waffle I thought a few simple photos would do the trick.

Saturday poured with rain, so I did a road ride. Sunday was breezy and the temperature was perfect for a Mtn bike ride.

Placing feet in wet shoes does not feel the best. They were so wet I had to tie them to the bull bar of the troopie in an attempt to dry them out whilst driving!

It was a nice few hours. However, the swallowing of a couple of Australian bush flies, (which were in plague proportions), left a strange taste in the mouth! Why do they always attack when I am climbing some really steep hill, breathing hard, and at a point where I cannot take my hands off the handle bars.......??

(BTW:- I will be introducing a new email address and new phone number soon! I will keep my friends posted. My other blog "Ordinary Life" has been filed until I decide what to do with the next chapter)


  1. Love the top two photographs Simon! They must be from your new camera? True, I'm out and about as soon as the rain ceases which it didn't for the majority of the weekend. But you are out in the rain by choice! Will there soon be baby bush flies escaping from your mouth?

  2. :o)

    I did manage to spit them out...

    Yes its the new camera I am getting used to it. its not the best for bird photos though..seems the focus is difficult. But its robust!

  3. Merisi! you should get a bike!!!

  4. Gotta love those bush flies! Hot and airless here today.... supposed to turn to rain sometime... hope it cools down with it!

  5. i noticed that your blog said it was quite dry!

    We need the rain and more to fill the some areas..

  6. Glad to hear you've had some rain mate.

    I remember those damned flies at Mount Wood!

  7. We have had floods here to over the weekend, but no flies to speak of. I don't think I would cycle fast enough for them to catch me unawares....

  8. simon it was 32 here today with hot winds. Yuk. Remnants of cyclone Funa. And though it rained elsewhere, and the clouds looked very black here late this afternoon, we never got a scarrick of rain. I am over it!

    Your Aussie commentator at Sir Ed's funeral might not be too popular back home. Talking to a NZ commentator, he talked about how Australia really was the West Island today, as you were all at one with us. ;-) Actually, it was a splendid affair his funeral, with Sherpa flags being laid on his coffin... and the whole affair really reflected the great good he has done in Nepal since he climbed Everest.

  9. Is 'Australian Bush Flies' a brand of beer?

    oo today's word is tiitt

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  11. :o) Lorenzo!

    Kiwi:- we need a few days of sun just to dry things out.

  12. The temp here today has dropped right down to 19-20 and it feels delightfully cool! Some areas got a lot of wind and downed power lines etc but we seemed to get off more lightly. We had no rain though. You surely are having a bizarre summer over there!