Saturday, April 27, 2013

White water rafting

With  the Queensland outback and motocross riding at Lue a "distant", ( read last  week),  memory. I  thought what  can  we do  that  will  test a young bloke.

I  know! White water rafting! (  after all just  how boring can riding the above be??)

Penrith White Water Centre was created for the 2000 olympics and is world class. Now part of the Penrtih  lakes system its a fabulous place to  bird, and enjoy  aquatic sports.

Poor fellow.... nerves....

The lesson is 90 minutes long and the coaches teach the basics of white water rafting.. Paddling, steering, using body  weight, working as a team, PLUS setting the raft up  in "out of control" situations.
By that I  mean setting the raft up  to  capsize and teaching those who  participate how to  cope in those situations.

And away they go!

It was a blue warm day and the State Emergency  Services were also using the facility  to  practice water rescues.

Ooops!  get ready  for a roll!

I  was surprised that  Dave was a little nervous.. Having again completed the 145 foot jump on the motocross bike I could not imagine that  he had some nerves for the task ahead. But he did.

Yet after a few laps you  could see just  how "into it" the boys were becoming. following the excellent instruction coming from PWW instructor who informed the lads that  he did this on the river Nile, It was not too long before the boys enjoyed every moment, including a dunking and rescue!

After what seems to be a few moments ( read a couple of hours), the boys had finished their first day of instruction.  delight prevailed as I realised that  Dave had spent the time with  the 4 sons of one of my  long term friends, Bernie!

Dave and Bernies boys.

What a bloody small world! We had no idea until the event was over. A fantastic day  was had by all.

So Dave, more waves for kayaking or is the lure of the motocross track too much?  Time will tell.

Dave-dog surveying the wild blue yonder.....

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